SGT-800 Performance Enhancement up to 56 MW

The SGT-800 has always proven to be a fantastic choice for both industrial power generation and oil and gas applications. This gas turbine offers highest efficiency, reliability, and environmental compatibility in its power class. Since its introduction at 43 MW in 1998, Siemens Energy has continuously been working on enhancements with customers and R&D experts to keep the SGT-800 at an industry leading level. The 56 MW rating of SGT-800 has been available to new customers since 2017. The retrofit upgrade package is now available for all existing customers with a 50.5, 53 or 54 MW units to enhance their assets performance.        

Product Overview

The retrofit upgrade package is built on cumulative operating experience of the SGT-800 50.5 MW- since 2010 and 56 MW since 2019. The enhancement is generated by changes in the compressor and turbine section and control system. It may increase the power output up to maximum 56 MW depending on the customer’s AC Generator and Gearbox. 

  • Increased power output from 2 MWe up to 5 MWe depending on original rating of the engine (based on ISO conditions).
  • Improvement in full load efficiency up to 1%-point results in reduced fuel cost and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Optimized site-specific performance level according to steam cycle limitations can be achieved.
  • Easy to be implemented during a scheduled Hot Gas Path inspection or Major Overhaul and thereby having reduced impact to downtime when implemented during an already planned overhaul.

The retrofit upgrade package is available for all SGT-800s with 50.5, 53 and 54 MWe rating, and worthwhile for:

  • Any sites looking to retain the size of their balance of plant, including the original package, and receive an increase to power output and efficiency.
  • Any installations where the SGT-800 operates for long periods at high ambient temperatures and where electrical demand increases during the summer.
  • Any customer looking to improve time between overhauls by implementing this upgrade and applying a FlexLTP with dynamic lifing.

  • Implementation of the SGT-800 Performance Enhancement is highly recommended at a Hot Gas Path inspection or ideally at a Major Overhaul when downtime is anticipated and planned.
  • It is recommended to plan for this upgrade at least 1 year prior to your next inspection/overhaul.
  • All installation and commissioning work will be carried out by Siemens Energy qualified Field Service Engineers.

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Support Services and Implementation

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