Modernization & Upgrades for Utility Steam Turbines

Tailored Service for your Equipment

In a performance-based market structure, when plants are managed as profit centers, it is necessary to strategically improve efficiency, optimize capacity, minimize costs and maintain high reliability in order to be competitive - especially when it comes to aging plants. Therefore, Siemens Energy Service has developed an array of Performance Enhancement solutions that can help you make your generating assets more profitable.

The Perfect Modernization Solution for your Steam Turbine

Given the relatively low fuel cost of coal- and nuclear-powered steam turbine generators, and the increasing strategic value of existing sites, a modernization of existing equipment can be more cost-effective and faster than installing new generation equipment.

Ensuring a reliable supply of power and water at the Shuaibah Power and Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia


Your benefits may include:

Power increase

Increased power output after modernization

Reliability Increase

Extension of component lifetime

Availability increase

Enable secure operation range


Emission reduction to meet environmental requirements

Cost Optimization

Reduced maintenance costs by extended maintenance intervals and shorter outages

Performance Enhancement Solutions

Comprehensive performance enhancement solutions for fossil, nuclear and combined cycle plants:

Examples for Upgrades

Examples for the comprehensive performance enhancement programs for large steam turbines include retrofits or upgrades like the following:

Examples of Successful Projects

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