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Cybersecurity for the Oil and Gas Industry

Assess. Protect. Respond.

Why is Cybersecurity important for Oil and Gas?

Like critical industries everywhere, oil and gas operations – upstream, midstream, and downstream – make prime targets for cyber threats of all kinds. Sources of those threats are increasingly criminal enterprises, state actors, and so-called hacktivists with political agendas. That’s in addition to solitary hackers using powerful tools readily available on the Dark Web.

We Provide a Complete Portfolio of Cybersecurity Solutions

Assess and Plan


  • Cyber Gap Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Baseline Compliance Assessment

Security Processes

  • Incident Response Plan preparation and testing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan preparation and testing


DCS Security Controls

  • Secure Architecture
  • Device Hardening
  • Malware Pattern Updates
  • Application Whitelisting

Additional  Controls

  • Secure Remote Access
  • Next Gen. Firewall

Detect and Respond

Asset Management

  • Asset Inventory and Change Monitoring

Vulnerability & Patch Management

  • ICS Patch Management
  • Advanced Vulnerability Management

Network Monitoring

  • ICS Security Event Monitoring
  • ICS Change Monitoring

Network Detection

  • Network Intrusion Detection System
  • Incident Response Retainer
  • Network Anomaly Detection

Learn More About Cybersecurity

Ensuring robust cyber defense for endpoint energy assets

Companies across the hydrocarbon supply chain recognize the growing threat of sophisticated, malicious cyberattacks. Many companies continue to struggle to defend early-generation and remote operating assets, such as older compressor stations, which were engineered well before the widespread adoption of digital industrial control systems. As a result, these assets are vulnerable to long-term exposure to emerging cyber-risks, without the ability to be patched easily or updated quickly with the latest security defenses.

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