Download: Bioenergy – Covering By-Product Biomass Waste into Value

Industries producing a large amount of process (biomass) waste are finding that they can convert it into carbon-neutral energy to power their facilities or sell into the grid for additional revenue. And because the fuels and electricity generated from waste can significantly slash carbon emissions, governments are also providing additional incentives to increase the amount of bioenergy in the energy mix. Additionally, most of those manufacturing plants which biomass or biowaste, also require electricity and heat (or hot steam) to run their manufacturing processes. Using this biomass generated as a by-product to produce the electricity and heat needed by themselves; not only solving the problem of biowaste management but also providing significant saving Bioenergy is already one of the most important sources of renewable power. It accounts for roughly one-tenth of the world’s total energy supply today – far more than wind and solar combined – and will only continue to grow as the world seeks to feed an ever-increasing demand for energy while drastically reducing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions. With decades of experience, Siemens Energy is driving the trend with cost-effective and highly efficient biomass power plant technology solutions that can be tailored to companies’ respective business models and industry requirements.