Download: Cloud Security – Facing the future with confidence

Over two decades ago Siemens Energy started to develop cyber-security principles, procedures, systems and methodologies to help companies operating Siemens Energy I&C / DCS achieve their business goals, while safeguarding their operational environments from cyber-attacks and other cyber-security threats from external or internal actors. Now, however, Critical Infrastructure businesses, and power generation companies, in particular, are facing a new challenge, one as important as the initial adoption of DCS around 40 years ago. It’s the general, and apparently irresistible move to Cloud-based and delivered solutions. As this paper will describe, Siemens Energy believes it is necessary for energy businesses to embrace the potential of cloud in order to compete successfully in a continuously-evolving market, but we also recognize that effectively dealing with cloud-related cyber-security is a basic necessity, if businesses are to maximize the potential benefits. This paper gives a rapid, top-level overview of Siemens Energy perspective on the drivers for change, opportunities for efficiency gains and cyber-security methods to make adaptation to a cloud-based environment easy, simple and, above all, cyber-secure.