The transitioning energy landscape: Brownfield Exchange - a plug and play concept to replace gas turbines

First steps into decarbonization: modernization of exisiting power plants

Is being competitive in the energy transition part of your agenda?

Owners of gas-fired power plants search for flexible solutions to meet new operational requirements and new legislations, to remain competitive in sustainable energy production.

The modernization of an existing gas-fired power plant has become more feasible from an investment perspective than a greenfield project.

Available on demand, length: 60 min

Our speakers at a glance

Bernd Kuenstler

Bernd Kuenstler

SE GP  I  SV EU CE DE S  |  Siemens Energy

Bernd joined the Siemens family in 2009, at that time in the service sales department of a subsidiary (Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH). In 2010 he moved his office desk to the Mannheim office of Siemens AG, acting as Client Manager for steam turbine & compressor service business for various customers in south-western Germany.  From 2016 he was part of the Account Management team for BASF, a key customer for Siemens. When Siemens Energy was founded Bernd took over the role of our Key Account Manager for this strategic partner.

Klas Dahlström

Klas Dahlström

SE GP  I  SV MGT MK&S SMU  |  GeoPura

Klas Dahlström joined Siemens Energy in 2007, mainly as Project Manager for R&D and new sales both for core and package projects. In 2012 Klas changed position from new sales to service and started to work as a Sales Manager for Siemens Energy’s Steam turbines overhaul and Mods & ups. In 2019 Klas started as Sales Manager for BEX and is now responsible for the European, North American and Latin American regions. He is also involved in the BEX R&D development. Klas holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Linköping University and graduated in 1997 with a focus on Material Technology and FEM.


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