Brownfield Transformation - A Decarbonization Journey for Your Power Assets

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60 minutes

As the world embraces clean energy and the energy transition moves forward, conventional power plant operators are seeking new ways to transform their existing energy assets. Successful energy transition requires a holistic approach that can optimize decarbonization cost while ensuring a reliable power supply. That brings up two important questions.


  • How can you incorporate site-specific boundary conditions into your energy transition strategy?
  • How can you maximize the use of existing assets in your decarbonization journey?

In the 18th ERA Forum webinar "Brownfield Transformation – A decarbonization journey for your power assets", Siemens Energy experts address these questions and present two types of Brownfield Transformation solutions. Watch the recording of the webinar to learn how you can stay profitable and meet your decarbonization targets by getting the most out of your existing energy assets.

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