Clean Energy - Growing from Need to Certification

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Length: 60 minutes

The clean energy landscape is constantly evolving. The need for sustainable energy sources is undeniable – but how do we guarantee the renewable origin? What if you could trace the generation and use of clean energy all the way to an end product? There is both quantitative and qualitative value in producing and using products coming from clean energy. However, in order to realize that value, you have to be able to prove the sustainable origin. Now you can. Utilizing decentralized ledger technology, an automated and reliable green energy certification can be issued instantly, at low cost. From tax reductions via carbon border adjustments to enabling clean energy trading, the sky is the limit for "Clean Energy Certification".

In the 13th ERA Forum Webinar, Siemens Energy experts discuss the digital service, Clean Energy Certification. Listen to a presentation about legally compliant sustainability certificates and their immediate impact to products like green hydrogen, e-methanol and low-carbon aluminum. 

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