Step-by-step Decarbonization with Hybrid Power Plants

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Length: 60 minutes

Decarbonization goals and targets are forcing the industry to think outside of the box and innovate - both by advancing existing technology as well as developing new technology. The challenge is: No single technology is clearly "the best". Thus, owners and operators are forced to prioritize their needs and find the answer that best fits their situation. But what if you didn't have to choose a single technology? What if you could get the best of multiple technologies while eliminating or minimizing their weaknesses? What if the answer was a combined solution?

In the 12th ERA Forum Webinar, Siemens Energy experts discussed how to couple technologies into a Hybrid Power Plant, and how this can pave the way for additional decarbonization efforts. Watch the recording of the webinar and get the question "How can I take the first steps towards decarbonizing?" answered.

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