Hydrogen and Small Gas Turbines

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Length: 45 minutes

How your gas turbine can be ready for a Hydrogen future

Please join Dr. Ghena Bulat and Alex Lawford as they provide an overview of how Small Gas Turbines of Siemens Energy are adapting for a future of cleaner energy. The gas turbine plays an important role in delivering power where it’s needed and doing this with reduced emissions and in particular carbon emissions is very much on the agenda. Alternative low and carbon free fuels provide an opportunity to deliver on this and in the session, Ghena and Alex will provide an overview of hydrogen as one of these carbon free fuel options.

During this webinar, you will gain an understanding of:

  • The challenge of operating the small gas turbine with hydrogen
  • The emissions benefits of operating with hydrogen and alternative fuels
  • The expected changes required to be able to operate the asset with hydrogen.

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