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Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU)

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Length: 60 minutes

How Can You Incorporate Hydrogen Energy Today?

Hydrogen is at the forefront of most discussions on decarbonization. However, most of those discussions revolve around future plans – the best ways to create, store and transport hydrogen, and the modifications needed to burn it and generate electricity. But what if you could generate electricity from hydrogen on a smaller, transportable scale right now? That solution exists through a partnership between Siemens Energy Ventures and GeoPura – the Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU). HPUs are currently delivering off-grid, temporary and back-up energy-as-a-service power using hydrogen. Clean, critical, grid-independent power supply for remote areas made easy! Whether it is for power plant outages and construction, festivals or live TV production, the use cases for HPU are endless. 

In the 14th ERA Forum Webinar, speakers from Siemens Energy and GeoPura discussed the technology and current, as well as potential applications of the HPU. Watch the recording of this webinar to find out how you could get involved with hydrogen-fueled energy today!

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