Webinar How to Decarbonize Data Centers?

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Length: 60 minutes

The rapid increase in Data Centers and their high energy usage presents a dilemma in today's data-driven world, as it seeks to balance decarbonization with the growing demand for data processing.

Data Centers with conventional designs use the public power grid as their main power source. However, growing demands on fast initial power availability and back-up power to compensate potential supply interruptions are causing many Data Center operators to look for innovative ways to access fast and reliable power.

Nowadays, the electric supply infrastructure can provide DC operators with solutions that combine aspects of reliability and sustainability, such as natural ester oil based transformers and F-gas free switching components.

How can Data Centers ensure power availability and quality while contributing to ambitious carbon emission reduction and other environmental targets? What options are available for Data Centers to be an integral part of their operating environment and contribute with a reliable and sustainable energy system?

Data Center operators are key.

In the 16th ERA Forum Webinar, Siemens Energy present flexible and sustainable grid connection and on-site power generation solutions that can meet the power needs of Data Centers of all sizes.

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