December 16, 2019
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500th Sensformer® delivered

Siemens delivers 500th Sensformer for Brazilian customer ISA CTEEP

Investing in the future of energy with digital innovation

Energy transmission is dramatically changing. As grid operators need to manage trends of decentralization and decarbonization, it increases the complexity of their grid networks. These changes are also compounded by increasing challenges, such as aging workforces, environmental, health & safety standards and higher financial profit expectations. The growth of digitalization in other industries has shown its potential in managing similar changes, which inspired Siemens to leverage its state-of-the-art high-voltage products with an innovative digital layer. It was important to deliver a widely applicable solution, which meant easy access, as well as an easily understandable, digital solution conveyed through data analytics tools. The overall goal was to aid pro-active decision-making through this information, without affecting the existing control and protection environment of the grid operator.

A user-friendly experience was paramount to the Sensformer® design; through ease of accessibility, prompt comprehensive breakdowns of a grid asset’s parameters, as well as an operation bearing low additional costs to grid operators. For optimal security, any data transmitted between sensory devices on the transformer and the grid operators would need to be transmitted via a secured IoT device, applying Siemens standards to protect against cyber-attacks and ensure data privacy. And in order to take full advantage of this technology’s potential and to facilitate further innovations, cloud technology and an open eco-system were also necessary for optimizing Sensformer® functionalities.

A digital eco-system to disrupt the energy industry

The introduction of the Sensformer® saw Siemens fulfill all these targets in line with its global standards. Achieving full connectivity to the cloud through a secure IoT gateway and a GSM communication protocol, allows for comprehensive near real time information to be made available at anytime and anywhere to grid operators. Presented via an interactive and intuitive user-interface, Sensformer® can facilitate pro-active management and data driven decision making through an easily accessible medium and value-adding applications. Enabled with the basic Sensformer®, customers can analyze the historical load and winding stress of a Sensformer®, enhancing operational decisions when potentially increasing the load. Warnings can be sent via SMS or E-Mail in the event that critical values are reached, allowing for improved response times to grid challenges.

The next level of data analytics was achieved with Siemens digital twin technology, as part of the Sensformer® Advanced. This technology enables customers to operate a Sensformer® under controlled overload conditions, whether to improve productivity or generate increased profits. All these analytics and information are based on one platform, keeping in-line with Siemens commitment to accessibility and ease of usage.

Increasing opportunities to optimize your grid

For the delivery of the 500th Sensformer®, Siemens supplied Brazilian customer ISA CTEEP (Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista) with a digitally-enabled system, capable of handling and optimizing the growing requirements of the Brazilian grid. As the largest international electricity carrier in Latin America, ISA relied on Sensformer® from Siemens to consolidate their position as an industry-leading operator: “ISA has a very clear 2030 strategy where digitalization plays a major role in maximizing asset usage and reducing operational expenditures through predictive maintenance. We are proud to contribute to ISA’s targets and digital transformation”, says Guilherme de Mendonca, Head of Siemens Transmission Products Latin America.

For grid operators all over the world, utilizing Sensformer® technology can bring about major improvements to how you interact with, and learn about your network. For example: Grids comprising multiple substations can harness GPS and fleet view analytics to gain insights into over-loaded or under-loaded regions. Information about the aging of a Sensformer® can support and optimize re-investment decisions.

The delivery of the 500th Sensformer® unit is testament to the confidence that customers place in Siemens’ pioneering digital solutions. Working hand-in-hand with them, we continue to optimize and update Sensformer® capabilities according to their needs.

Dr. Beatrix Natter

CEO of Siemens Transmission Products

Across the globe, Siemens has received very positive feedback from customers, and the confirmation that its digital approach goes above and beyond in meeting their needs. The controlled overload functionality of the Sensformer® Advanced was especially appreciated from nearly every customer. With this encouragement, Siemens is dedicated to evolving the digital Sensformer® project even further, working together with customers to continue delivering high quality products, designed on a world-class level, enhanced with a digital layer.

UN sustainability goals

Through the production of innovative SF6-free equipment Siemens is supporting the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 7,9 and 15: “Securing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”, “Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and supporting innovation" and "Living on land".

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