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Eneco, Netherlands: Resilience and high flexibility with Omnivise T3000 control system

Siemens Energy provides single control room with uniform HMI for BWI and two gas-fired district heating plants in the Netherlands.

The proven control system T3000 from Siemens Energy helps us to keep our plants up and running in an effective way.

Eneco Warmteproductie Utrecht B.V.

The customer challenge: Control and monitor energy production

The BioWarmte Installatie Lage Weide (BWI) is the first plant for district heating realized  in Utrecht, Netherlands that uses a sustainable source. The BWI processes Dutch residual streams of wood (biomass) and converts them into sustainable district heat.

Annually, the BWI processes up to 180,000 tons  of biomass. The T3000 system is used to control and monitor the complete process of  converting biomass into energy.

The solution: Single control room with uniform HMI

The BWI is equipped with the proven automation system Omnivise T3000.

The control system of the BWI is integrated in a multi-unit configuration with the T3000 systems of the two gas-fired district heating plants in Utrecht. This way a single control room with uniform HMI has been realized for all three plants.

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The benefits: Secure controls for three plants

  • Effective support for the operators
  • Efficient workflows in daily operations
  • Built-in security for the control system to withstand external cyber attacks

About Eneco

Eneco is a strong, integrated, independent and growing energy company, active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. 

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