October 13, 2021
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Siemens Energy supports reconstruction of energy infrastructure in Iraq

Siemens Energy is working on the installation of 13 substations the company is building in Iraq. The substations will strengthen the country’s power infrastructure as part of an agreed roadmap for the electrification of the New Iraq. When fully commissioned, the substations will help to deliver enough power to the national grid equivalent to the electricity needs of more than two million citizens. 

Supplying Iraq with affordable, reliable and sustainable energy

In 2019, Siemens and the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity agreed on a roadmap to stabilize electricity transmission and distribution nationwide. The Iraqi government commissioned the reconstruction of the power grid in order to replace large parts of the destroyed power infrastructure and meet the increasing demand for electricity within the country.

After successful negotiations with the Iraqi government, the reconstruction is carried out in four steps which will provide approximately 23 million people with a reliable power supply in the long term. In a first step, more than two million Iraqis in Basra will get access to a reliable energy supply. A gas-fired 500-megawatt power plant will be built in Zubaidiya, and 40 Siemens Energy gas turbines will be upgraded with upstream cooling systems. In addition, 39 Siemens Energy power transformers will be installed in 13 new substations required for transmitting the power to Basra, Missan, Theiqar, Kut, Diwaniya and Hilla.

The aim is to refurbish and upgrade the existing plants as well as expanding the transmission and distribution networks.

The Dresden transformer factory had faced the challenge of delivering 74 transformers to Iraq within a period of only 15 months. The very short design phase up to the start of manufacturing also presented some technical challenges. However, the design was completed quickly according to the customer's wishes and production of the 74 transformers started on time.

The Corona pandemic also placed several restrictions on suppliers and Siemens Energy’s own manufacturing capacity. Nevertheless, the delivery date for all components could be met to the customer's satisfaction.

Siemens Energy Dresden delivered 74 transformers for Iraqi electrification roadmap

The scope of supply was divided into the main scope and the loose supply scope. For the main scope, the Siemens Energy team at the Dresden factory supplied 39 three-phase power transformers (132/34.5 kV with 63 MVA or 90 MVA) for 13 new substations to transmit power to Basra, Missan, Theiqar, Kut, Diwaniya and Hilla. In addition, 35 transformers were supplied for the loose supply scope to the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to serve as replacements for existing, damaged transformers in other substations. 

These substations are crucial for reconstructing the power grid in Iraq and bringing electricity to millions of people. By next summer, Basra, Amara, Dywania, Kut, Hilla, Nassriya and other areas in Iraq, will house new electricity transmission substations that will bring reliable power to millions of people and help industries grow.

Mahmoud Hanafy

Vice President, Grid Stabilization, Siemens Energy Middle East.

Siemens Energy power transformers contribute to expanding the Iraqi power grid

The power transformers were specifically designed to meet the customer's requirements as well as the special climatic conditions in Iraq. In addition, they were all assembled as Sensformers - digitally enabled transformers that provide operational information. The digital connectivity allows the customer to check the status of the transformers in real time, and manage operations more effectively, thereby improving performance, safety and reliability.

Customer satisfaction with the Siemens Energy products and the joint project execution of the Dresden factory as well as the Siemens Energy team located in Erlangen, Abu Dhabi and Iraq paved the way for a follow-up order by the Iraqi government for the Al Hamudhia (north-west of Baghdad) region. It includes the supply of 10 additional transformers. Located about 20 kilometers away from Ramadi city, Al Hamudhia substation will improve grid connectivity, and increase transmission capacity for the anticipated 10% growth in annual energy demand. This shows that the Dresden transformer factory is perfectly suited to handling such large orders on time – even in difficult times.

Siemens Energy Transformer Business

For the future of our transformer business there is much to be excited about: the rising global demand for transmission products, the increasing focus on our environment, and the adaption of digital solutions that optimize grid performance.

Transformers play a crucial role to achieve a successful energy transition and create a sustainable, digital, and stable transmission grid. We started early to develop technologies that are actively shaping the path to a climate-friendly future.

Siemens Energy is best equipped to meet the upcoming challenge and be your leading industry partner. Discover our eco-friendly transformers, our grid stabilizing equipment, as well as our innovative ester solutions, our Pretact resiliency concept, and our Sensformer technology.