Siemens Energy Expeditor (SEE) powered by SCCoTy 2.0

Siemens Energy is executing on its Vision. A major focus of this Vision is the strategy of digitalization across all parts of our business.

Digitalization is fundamentally transforming the value chain and offers major opportunities for all parties. It helps us automate order processing, achieve speed, end-to-end visibility, remove manual errors and improve quality and efficiency. Digitalization is not just a project, for us it has become a part of our strategy. The Automate Purchase to Pay Program consists of several digitalization initiatives aiming to bring automation of work processes, more transparency, work efficiency and removal of many manual task.

What is SEE powered by SCCoTy 2.0?

The Siemens Energy Expeditor powered by SCCoTy 2.0 solution is designed to automate all major expediting activities of operational procurement regarding open purchase orders. The SEE powered by SCCoTy 2.0 aims to support buyers and suppliers in decreasing the risk of overdue deliveries, while increasing customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of SEE powered by SCCoTy 2.0?

  • Helping ​to manage Siemens Energy orders in ​a timely manner​
  • Creating visibility on Siemens Energy Purchase Orders 
  • Sending alerts, if orders ​need additional attention​ 
  • Updating Siemens Energy orders with Supplier feedback​
  • Is easy to use, no implementation effort on supplier side

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please contact:

Please contact your Siemens Energy Procurement contact for the relevant Purchase Orders.

Please contact your Siemens Energy Operational Procurement contact at the relevant site and ask to change/ add the email adress.

Please provide your feedback always via the Web4Biz/ SupplyOn account.

No. Please make sure you provide complete input per line item and submit your answer.

Yes. Please fill only the line items that you can provide feedback and submit those answers. 

Any later change to a submitted answer on such line item could lead to a delay in process handling. 

In addition, please consider answer to FAQ above.

Please contact your Siemens Energy Procurement contact for the relevant Purchase Order.

Please be informed that implementation of the SEE is done stepwise and some configurations are individually set. If you whis to receive alerts for additional locations, please contact the respective Siemens Energy operational procurement contact or

There is no implementation effort on supplier side. Once the implementation has been set up on Siemens Energy side you will receive emails as soon as Purchase orders underly an active alert. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the alert email.

Please re-send your reply by using the outlook function "reply all" in order to ensure that your response can be processed.

Please contact: