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Managing your energy supply.

Whether your business is an industry, campus, municipality, infrastructure facility or data centre, you need an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply. Our portfolio provides efficient power generation on your site, when and where you need it, thereby securing energy supply for the future.

Our portfolio reflects the world's shift from large CO₂ intensive technologies into a diverse energy landscape consisting of smaller, decentralised power providers, consumers and prosumers, who are looking for solutions that ensure stable and cost-efficient operations with less emissions. 


Decarbonizing your trips

Flexible fuel gas turbines meet airports’ power needs for today and tomorrow

SEA Energia (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali) is responsible for the electricity, heating, and cooling of (not only) Milano Malpensa Airport. The company needed to revamp its existing power plant at the airport to meet stricter environmental legislation and ensure a reliable supply of power, heating, and cooling. 

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... aspects of distributed power generation that you would never have thought might influence your business now or in the near future.

Air quality in street canyons

First introduced in Singapore in 1975, such zones are nowadays located in cities worldwide. Car traffic limitations, tree planting. What else? Look at the sidewalk. Do you notice any ventilation grids? There might be a diesel backup engine of a hospital, office or data center beneath your feet.

Even modern, diesel-fueled backup generators of Tier-4 standards could lead to high concentrations of poisonous exhaust plumes in urban street canyons which may explain why gas engines, gas turbines, and batteries have become the preferred backup power source for many data centers

Power in the hurricane season

Sure, each region knows its “ hurricane season”. So you might guess the when, but the strength and impact of the events are highly unpredictable.  Just like when in mere two days, from September 16 to September 18, 2017, a tropical storm developed to a deadly Category 5 hurricane, called Maria. The numbers of casualties and injured were devastatingly high and the central power grid of Puerto Rico was destroyed.


Learning from the experience, the Hospital Menonita de Caguas, Puerto Rico, decided to become future-proof. Since 2020, it is profiting from power generation based on Containerized Cogeneration Modules SGE-48.

No water, no power. Right?

The World Bank has announced the Thirsty Energy Initiative. The World Energy Council has published The Road to Resilience Report - Managing the Risks of the energy-water-food nexus. In April 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation presented the 2-year forecast which could lead to the first water shortage declaration in the Western United States.


Let´s save water for drinking. Combine a gas turbine with Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) technology for waste heat recovery without water in a  Heat ReCycle powerplant. Soon, cutting-edge technology will allow upgrading the gas turbine to burn 100% hydrogen in DLE (dry low emissions).

On-site power generation with gas turbines for data centers with gasturbines
Questions & Answers Article with Biofuel Central

Ready for biofuels?

Get an insight on how biofuels work in gas turbines in our interview with the magazine Biofuel Central. Learn more about biofuels as gas turbine fuel, the availability and sustainability aspect, as well as the suitability for combined heat and power plants.

Municipalities and utilities

You stand at the forefront of the energy transition. You manage it actively and with confidence. You choose your customized mix of power generation technologies - e.g. wind farms, photovoltaic plants, and combined heat and power (CHP) with energy storage solutions.


You choose solutions that balance sustainability and economic efficiency. Catching the wave, you see the market opportunities arising due to the integration of heating and cooling and soaring market demand for excess power generation. Interconnecting technologies enable you to optimize energy costs while supporting the transformation to a more sustainable energy system.


You are ready for any scenario, and combine the security of supply with new business models, including regular servicing intervals and remote service inspections.


You are never shy of using new technologies that allow you to show your full potential, even if the municipality or utility is located in an area where land is scarce or on an island.

Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center

How can we build a flexible and sustainable energy system with gas turbines, renewable energy sources and energy storage? As power from solar and wind is volatile and doesn’t always match the energy demand, hydrogen produced from these green energy sources can be used as an energy storage solution and used as fuel in the gas turbines to balance the grid.

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Infrastructure facilities and campuses

Of course, you are walking on the path to carbon neutrality.

Any step you take, the first thing that comes to  mind is resilient power generation. The second  is cost optimisation. You take control and safeguard your power for years to come by generating power on-site using reliable technologies that would secure the future energy supply.


Naturally, distributed power generation is what you rely on, as you can use the benefits of the methodology of optimisation of energy mix, energy-efficiency increases, smart consumption reduction and resilience.


Careful as you may be, you are assured of a servicing infrastructure at hand.

Manufacturing and process industries

You realize the potential of your plant. With on-site energy generation and storage, you optimize all energy matters from generation and consumption up to re-use.


Dependence is a word you do not have in your business dictionary. On-site solutions provide a resilient power supply, which safeguards your processes. These solutions include waste to energy, CHP - combined heating and cooling and power generation and the integration of renewables.


A local energy solution gives you also control over costs in respect of the grid, and even has the potential of creating revenue by enabling active participation in the energy market.


You carefully analyse trends in your industry and adjust your business to future demand. On-site power generation develops together with your plant, allowing you to use fuel flexibly and increase output to cover your future growth. 

chemical industry on its path to decarbonization, the BASF Schwarzheide chemical park
Use case

Making a power plant future fit - a tailor-made solution for BASF

As the site expands and develops, a BASF chemical park in Germany will have an increased energy demand. With a focus to become climate neutral until 2050. How can it grow more sustainably?

How to become more energy efficient in the chemical industry
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