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Make the most of fuel. Learn how you can achieve  your energy goals at much lower costs while keeping emissions to the environment to a minimum.
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At Siemens Energy, we have a proven track record of providing best-in-class products, solutions, and services for CHP. This is demonstrated by hundreds of cogeneration plants worldwide based on our expertise – first and foremost, our flagship plant Lausward Fortuna in Düsseldorf that set the world records for net efficiency, heating capacity, and electrical output. From single gas and steam turbines or heat recovery steam generators to full turnkey installations: The same commitment is iterated in all of our projects around the globe, bringing out the best in Combined Heat and Power.

The perfect match for all the big and small things

Wherever heat is required for either industrial processing and/or public supply, Combined Heat and Power plants are a viable and beneficial alternative. Ideally, the thermal output of a cogeneration system is matched to the user’s heat demand, and with our long-lasting experience in devising custom solutions for power production, we have all the necessary capabilities to meet your exact requirements. Whether you grow vegetables or heat cities – with our proven product range for CHP, including a wide selection of steam and gas turbines as well as our exhaustive portfolio of services, we can give just the right answers to your energy challenges of tomorrow.

How CHP works

In Combined Heat and Power, the waste heat produced in a plant facility is utilized in other industrial processes, extracted to cover the heat demand of individual buildings, or exported to a district heating system. CHP plants are typically based on gas and/or steam turbines in simple or combined cycle configuration. In simple cycle, the waste heat generated by a gas turbine is captured in a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) or waste heat recovery boiler (WHRB) and used for heating or to produce process steam. In combined cycle CHP it is initially used to fuel a second turbine producing additional power.

Industrial energy
Industrial energy

Power your plant and power your business

Global megatrends and the energy transformation redefine the requirements for competitiveness in all energy-intensive industries. Reliable, economical and environmentally compatible supplies of power, steam, heating and cooling play an increasingly important role. Get ready for the future with us: Concentrate on your core business, while we help you manage your energy supply.

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Setting global standards in CHP

With a comprehensive portfolio of gas and steam turbines and extensive plant construction expertise, we are a leading player in the CHP market and field-proven in thousands of plants worldwide. The Siemens Energy CHP portfolio is an invitation to our customers to choose the most suitable solutions and components and, if applicable, integrate them in existing systems. Our experts are happy to support you and your project as extensively as you wish – from consultation to plant design to a full turnkey solution.

Around the world with cogeneration

The numerous advantages of Combined Heat and Power make it an ideal solution for an even greater number of possible applications. See how businesses across the globe benefit from Siemens products and solutions for CHP, from waste treatment in Scotland to textile manufacturing in Mexico.

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