July 24, 2019
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SGT-750 for Grupo Kaltex in Mexico

Competitiveness increased at one of Latin America’s largest textile concerns. In mid-2014, the first SGT-750 industrial gas turbine from Siemens went into operation on the premises of the textile manufacturer Kaltex Fibers in Mexico. The gas turbine not only ensures a reliable and cost-effective supply of power, it also provides process steam for textile production.

An economical and reliable energy supply

Textile manufacturers operate in a very competitively intense international market. In order to remain successful in its business, the Mexican fiber and textile producer Grupo Kaltex needed to reduce its energy and steam costs and improve the reliability of its power supply.

It’s not a simple market. Competition is very stiff. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to improve costs and to stand out from the crowd in terms of the finished product.

Julio Correa

Power Plant Manager at Grupo Kaltex

A demanding production process

Kaltex Fibers mainly produces synthetic fibers at its production site in Altamira in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas. Economical operation of the plant requires an uninterrupted supply of power and steam. Kaltex used to supply its plant with power from the public utility grid and steam from gas-fired boilers.

A smart decision

Because the Mexican grid could not deliver the necessary reliability, the production facility had to wrestle with unplanned downtimes. The separate production of power and process steam also led to a variety of inefficiencies and therefore to higher costs. An investment in an advanced cogeneration solution that reliably produces power and steam was a smart decision that Kaltex made to boost its competitiveness.

A favorable opportunity

At precisely the point when Kaltex was thinking about how to increase its competitiveness, the Mexican government broke up the state’s energy monopoly and created attractive incentives for private companies to generate environmentally friendly electricity locally with their own plants. This created the perfect conditions for Kaltex to invest in its own advanced combined heat and power plant solution.

A state-of-the-art cogeneration plant

Siemens’ solution for Kaltex included a highly efficient power island based on an SGT-750 gas turbine and a heat-recovery steam generator as well as electricals and controls. Siemens also provided engineering and construction as well as comprehensive long-term service adapted to the customer’s needs.

More than enough power

The Siemens solution allows Kaltex to produce up to 32 megawatt-hours of electrical energy as well as an average of 54 tons of process steam per hour. The power production provides approximately 40 percent of Grupo Kaltex’s power demand throughout Mexico. The company moves the excess power that can’t be consumed at the Altamira facility to other facilities the group operates throughout the country.

Highly efficient cogeneration

The advanced design of the SGT-750 gas turbine from Siemens in conjunction with the cogeneration technology enables Kaltex to produce its electrical power and steam extremely efficiently. This high level of efficiency pays off twice for Kaltex. It helps reduce natural gas consumption and therefore also CO2 emissions. Thanks to the excellent environmental compatibility of the plant, Kaltex received a special “efficient cogeneration” certification from the Mexican government, which entitles the plant operator to have lower transmission costs. In addition, the plant is also certified as ”Clean Industry” by the environmental authorities in México.

Advanced control technology

To enable Kaltex to unleash the full potential of its new investment, Siemens also supplied the latest control technology for the power island. The control system based on PCS 7 enables optimal operation of the plant according to the customer’s current needs. It also supports the operator in the event of trips by providing automatic alerts in advance of possible problems to avoid unplanned downtime.

The cogeneration here at Kaltex generates electricity and steam, and the results for us are a great savings in energy consumption – not just at the Kaltex Fibers plant but also at two other plants in Mexico that also benefit from the power generated by this plant.

Julio Díaz

Shift Manager Energia MK KF S.A. de C.V.

An investment that pays off

Investing in an advanced industrial power island from Siemens was an economically valuable project for Kaltex. By having its own plant, the company increased the reliability of the power supply for its production to over 99 percent. This has resulted not just in a reduction of nonconformance costs but also in improved product quality. At the same time, the solution has cut energy costs for Kaltex by 30 percent.

The right solution for every challenge

Siemens has comprehensive experience with industrial power solutions for all types of industries on all five continents. Whether you need a customized gas turbine solution or you’re looking for an industrial steam power package, we can offer the right solution for every challenge.