I&C Monitors and Advisors

Using data to provide powerful insight for an optimized power plant performance

Powerful insight and improved visibility for optimized plant performance

Today's world is driven by data. To maintain a competitive edge, companies must ensure their data provides powerful insight and market advantages. The control room, the brain of the power plant, is where digital transformation brings new ways to help maximize plant availability, reliability and profitability.

Unlocking your plant’s potential

Big data makes it possible to understand what is happening within a power plant. Massive amounts of data have been generated by these plants for decades, yet it remains largely underutilized. With I&C Monitors and Advisors, part of the Omnivise Digital Services suite we are able to leverage this data to generate insights that can be transformed into tangible action.

Optimize and operate your plant

  • Achieve operational transparency with data visualization via interactive dashboards
  • Employ cloud-based analytics with Siemens Energy's industry-leading expertise
  • Access free key performance indicators via our Customer Portal
  • Receive performance and management recommendations from Siemens Energy experts based on site-specific, current and archival data

Turning operational data into useful information to improve availability and security for your plant. 

To operate as efficiently as possible, power generation businesses need to make the true condition of their plant, their assets and every individual component fully transparent and easy to understand. Given the size and complexity of a large plant, this is an extremely difficult requirement. In addition, as human expertise becomes scarcer, more in demand and, therefore, more costly, business leadership needs access to best practice insights and advice, even if they cannot afford to maintain these skills in-house. The Siemens Energy Instrumentation & Controls Monitors and Advisors (ICMA) service adds value to a company’s investment in its DCS by turning high volume, rich data flows into actionable intelligence. We do this by Monitoring data on a 24 hour basis, Analyzing these data against targets and KPIs, and then Advising customers by making recommendations for optimization and remedial actions, according to the scope of work within the agreed service parameters. 

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I&C Archive

I&C Archive – Reduce Alerts to Increase Efficiencies

I&C Archive, part of the Omnivise Availability suite enables you to work smarter by quickly pinpointing areas of improvement and consolidating alert flooding. With this you can quickly and precisely reduce the alert load by up to 80 %, and with this, the need for manual action. Operators can then focus on critical process alarms. Advanced algorithms identify the root-causes of the most frequent alerts and provide recommendations to reduce them. The result is a clear view of your alert load, as well as defined actions you can take to optimize your alert system. The solution also provides the ability to compare your plant’s alert load key performance indicators to similar type of power plants and fleets.


I&C Archive can help, improve efficiency, cut costs, and unlock significant value from your system. Based on Siemens Energy’s best-in-class know-how and experience, site-specific recommendations are displayed, giving you the confidence to make more informed decisions.

I&C Condition

I&C Condition - Monitor Conditions and Plant Performance to Reduce Downtime

I&C Condition, part of the Omnivise Availability suite helps to ensure preventive maintenance and avoid unscheduled downtime.

By monitoring your plant control system equipment, the solution helps ensure components and software remain at peak availability. In a daily health check, live parameters from components are monitored to detect abnormal system behavior and identify weak points. I&C Condition then provides recommendations around maintenance and repair works to enable them to be planned more easily and in time to prevent unscheduled downtime. I&C Condition continuously supports the operator in the decision-making process to keep the system current and up-to-date.  It also detects system and security relevant updates and patches tailored to the monitored system and gives recommendations for actions.

I&C Security

I&C Security - Protect Your Plant and Future to Gain Peace-of-Mind

Find peace of mind knowing your plant is protected in a world of persistent cyber threats. I&C Security, part of the Omnivise Risk and Compliance suite combines cutting-edge technology and Siemens Energy’s legacy of innovation to minimize exposure to potential risks. Regular scans help to ensure your security-relevant software is current and safe.


When system deviations are detected, you receive an alert and recommendation on how to potentially address the problem. With I&C Security, you can better respond to security breaches to better protect your endpoints, and thus move faster to detect threats. This proven solution can help protect both your plant and performance.

I&C Lifecycle

I&C Lifecycle – Overview of Product Lifecycles to Timely Plan Replacement Solutions

I&C Lifecycle, part of the Omnivise Availability suite enables you to timely plan replacement solutions for your I&C components to increase the availability of your plant. It analyzes the component lifecycles, thus providing its status and spare parts availability. With I&C Lifecycle, you will be able to optimize your spare parts management and save valuable time. Weekly e-mail notification services give you the changes of your product lifecycles from active to phase-out or from phase-out to obsolete thus ensuring a reliable plant operation of your products and systems.

I&C Process Optimization

I&C Process Optimization – Optimization potential for more efficient and stable plant operation with reduced emissions

The cloud-based Process Optimization Monitor and Advisor use thermodynamic analysis of flue gas data to indicate optimization potential for efficient and stable plant operation with reduced CO/NOx emission and excess O2.

Free dashboards provide a quick overview of plant health and benchmark position. With our premium services, you receive an analysis of your plant data and recommendations for improved operation, for example setpoints as well as the optimization potential.

The Data Journey

The Data Journey - From Powerful Insight to Profitable Action