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Landsvirkjun, Iceland: State-of-the-art controls and electricals for high availability and grid support

By modernizing the electrical equipment and turbine control system the Krafla power station helps to stabilize the grid and ensures secure power supply.

Our new Omnivise T3000 control system and several other measures allow us to now stabilize the grid with primary frequency control. This places us light years ahead of where we were.

Jón Arnar Emilsson

Project Manager, Landsvirkjun

The customer challenge: Long-term support during plant life cycle

The Krafla Power Station is a geothermal power plant operated by Landsvirkjun. Located in the northeast of Iceland, the Power Station was built in the crater of the Krafla volcano. It was first brought online in 1978. Due to need of modernization, the plant was refurbished, and a 2nd unit was installed in 1997. Geothermal energy is generated with hot water stemming from underground reservoirs, which makes this process extremely environmentally friendly. Generating 500 Gwh/y and with an installed capacity of 60 MW, Krafla Power Station is crucial for Iceland’s energy supply.

Landsvirkjun chose to modernize the electrical equipment and turbine control system to make the power station state-of-the-art. To optimize the power output, the turbine control system needed be upgraded and a voltage regulator was required to secure critical electrical components. Landsvirkjun was looking for a partner to provide long-term support and serviceability during the plant life cycle.

The solution: Grid stability thanks to primary frequency control

Siemens Energy refurbished and integrated several elements, such as the Omnivise T3000 control system, including turbine governor, hydraulics, monitoring, and instrumentation, as well as generator electrical equipment.

In order to better adjust the grid connection, the turbine control system for the existing pair of MHI DEH turbines was updated. Additionally, a compact voltage regulator with an integrated power module, along with new protection devices, were installed to secure critical electrical components.

Even though all the initially-scoped enhancements were made, the project was not finished. Once Landsvirkjun realized the potential benefits offered by new hydraulics and advanced control algorithms, the improvement ideas began to flow, and the project scope expanded over time. One of the project’s main achievements was to enable the Krafla plant to provide primary frequency control.

With these impressive changes, Krafla power station now contributes to grid stability in Iceland and performs more efficiently. Therefore, it is considered one of the best turbines currently in operation in the country.

Landsvirkjun was impressed with Siemens Energy’s project implementation, especially the collaboration with the on-site team and the know-how that was freely shared. Despite logistical challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Siemens Energy delivered smooth and on-time project execution.

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The benefits:

  • State-of-the-art operation, control technology, and electrical equipment
  • Primary frequency control capability and contribution to grid stability in Iceland
  • Improvement of control accuracy
  • Smooth implementation process, with nearly no outage time

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