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Innovative Field Service Solutions for all types of power plants.
Siemens Energy Field Service

Qualified, committed, onsite competence close at hand

With over 2,000 highly trained and experienced experts located in strategic hubs around the world, Siemens Energy Field Service provides qualified and committed onsite competence for all types of fossil power plants.

Whether for gas turbines, steam turbines and generators, for new or existing conventional power islands, we offer innovative field service solutions that can be tailored to your individual need to help secure high levels of availability, flexibility and reliability.


Siemens Energy Field Service is responsive and delivers reliable onsite support that can build strong long-term partnerships and help safeguard your assets over the lifetime of the plant – with exceptional Service Performance, Service Innovation and Service Excellence.



Advantages of using Siemens Energy Field Service include:

  • Outage support with a team of engineers dedicated to and trained in human performance techniques, safety leadership, and pride themselves in having an impressive safety record for field service and shop activity
  • A thoroughly trained support team with the mission to provide the fastest, most efficient response time in the business
  • Access to the extensive global network of Siemens Energy experts in service-design engineering
  • Comprehensive outage contingency planning and project management utilizing the Total Maintenance Service (TMS) process
  • State-of-the-art tooling technology and equipment for specialized service requirements
  • A limited warranty to give you peace of mind
Field Service Performance

Qualified in helping you safeguard your assets

With our strategically positioned branches in many countries of the world, we are always close at hand, so that we can implement project and customer- specific field service solutions at any time.

Power plant performance can invariably be influenced by the quality of field service performance. Siemens Energy Field Service is well qualified in helping maintain the assets of plant owners and operators – not only with the skills and competence of our staff but also the willingness to learn and to improve every day.


Our people make the difference with their extensive knowledge and 24/7 support from a global network of engineers.


Safety, it’s a mindset. You will see this in action as we utilize industry-leading Human Performance techniques and specially-designed tooling. Quality workmanship is a result of our focus on operational excellence. We strive to provide you peace of mind that the job will be done right. We understand Schedule adherence is important to you. That is why we offer up front Total Maintenance Service (TMS) planning and a rapid response network of resources, tooling and parts. Our Performance-minded approach provides you scope, budget, planning and implementation support through our District Service Offices worldwide.

Field Service Innovation

Committed to keeping you competitive

A customer-centered field service focuses on service solutions that provide excellent added value to businesses and should be reflected in a long-term, close and trustful relationship.  

Securing availability, flexibility and profitability of power plants is an ongoing process and specific to each facility. It can require new service products to appropriate address ever-changing plant and market requirements. Siemens Energy Field Service offers a variety of innovative service packages and solutions to accommodate individual and specific support needs.

Field Service Excellence

Onsite assistance beyond the norm

With our strategically positioned branches in many countries of the world, we are always close at hand, so that we can implement project and customer- specific field service solutions at any time.

In the event of an unforeseen repair or outage, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that rapid, reliable and qualified onsite assistance is just a phone call away. Our Field Service support sees individual plant site operability in a larger context – and looks ahead with proactive tools. That’s Field Service Excellence from Siemens Energy.

Successful partnership to provide the best-in-class service solutions.

Siemens Energy Field Service team performed outage services at one of the fastest rates in the industry with exceptional quality of work. Modernizing the turbine components allows them to run for longer service intervals. This will help the customer stay competitive in tough power markets environment, and provide their operations at the plant more flexibility, availability, and reliability:

  1. Modernized turbine parts through our industry leading OEM repair technologies.
  2. Improved turbine component intervals allowing for longer unit durations and extend maintenance intervals.
Service Quality

Global Resources with local expertise

Siemens Energy value proposition drives us to be the highest quality source of solutions.

In today’s power generation industry, it is critical for power plant owners around the globe to maximize the safety, reliability and profitability of their units. That’s precisely why Siemens Energy is committed to providing quality services designed to meet your critical needs.


With a backing of 16 global manufacturing facilities, a worldwide team of more than 31,000 personnel and 200-plus offices in nearly 80 countries, Siemens Energy is committed to offer the latest technology, at the highest levels of service maintenance without sacrificing quality.


Examples of successful projects and more

Watch videos about our international reference projects or technology benchmarks:

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