Spare Parts

Maintaining your operations in the field is our highest priority. This means making available a wide range of spare parts for immediate dispatch to any destination in the world. We are committed to support installed fleets of our rotating equipment, with a wide variety of spare parts. Siemens OEM replacement parts are manufactured to the same high standard as the originally delivered equipment, incorporating the latest technological developments. We are the only producer of Genuine OEM core replacement parts for the full range of gas and steam turbines.

Our Service Portfolio for Spare Parts

By opting to purchase parts from Siemens, you are choosing the reassurance that the parts are proven capable of meeting the exacting duty of your rotating equipment. All Siemens parts are also fully warranted by us as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

As part of the comprehensive portfolio of customer service activities, we provide a full range of replacement parts:

  • Fully supported OEM replacement parts
  • Complete maintenance kits available for the full range of engines
  • Variety of supply agreements to suit all customer needs
  • Repaired and refurbished parts as an option to new strategic parts
  • Performance guarantees for replacement core engines
  • Web-based ‘Spares Finder’ application
  • Rapid dispatch of parts to any destination in the world
  • Digital global parts catalogue
  • Additive manufacturing and redesigning of parts


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