Performance Management Solutions

Solutions for improving plant performance

As we move toward decarbonization, Performance Management Solutions boost efficiencies while lowering production costs and carbon emissions. Data-driven services, process automation, and analytical technologies combine to optimize your plant’s operations. The result is greater reliability and flexibility so you can quickly respond to today’s rapid market changes.

Key benefits

Reduces emissions

Lowers fuel and production costs

Increases energy output

Boosts efficiency and profitability

How we help you reduce emissions, save fuel costs and increase power, today

Learn how we help transition your existing energy systems toward a greener tomorrow by achieving your net-zero goals.


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Our Performance Solutions

Energy Management

Energy Management

Optimize your plant's dispatch to reduce costs and increase profitability, and optimize revenue streams in energy trading.

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Energy Management

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Plant Flexibility Improvement

Increase your plant's flexibility for today's challenging energy demands.

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Start Up and Shut Down

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Peak and Part Load

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Plant Performance

Solutions engineered to maximize the performance and financial yield of your plant.

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Continuous Performance Optimization

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Gas Turbine Auto Tuner

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Combustion Optimizer

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Fatigue Monitoring System

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Soot Blower Optimizer

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Grid Services

Support grid optimization through these products.

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Spinning Reserve

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Frequency Control

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Performance by the numbers

Up to


improved start-up time for hot and warm starts with advanced controls implementation

Up to


recovery in peak megawatt output and 12% average reduction in NOx emissions



average in total plant output reported and recovered

More than


projects for performance optimization worldwide

Up to


improved fuel efficiency with optimized generation plans

Up to


faster ramp rates

*Based on specific assumptions or specific case studies, individual results may vary.

Working together to address your needs

When it comes to your plant’s performance, every power generating facility's optimization strategy is a bit different. Siemens Energy takes great pride in a collaborative process that truly partners with your team to develop effective, customizable plant performance solutions.

Success around the globe

AI makes turbines young again for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Pairing a digital twin with artificial intelligence is rejuvenating older turbines in Dubai, upping power and dropping emissions. 

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AI-based combustion optimization boosts plant efficiency

Endesa used Siemens Energy combustion optimization to increase plant efficiency, lower coal consumption, reduce emission and extend the life of their facility on the island of Mallorca. 

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Drax Power, Selby
Efficiency boost at a renewable energy plant in the UK

Working with Drax Power Ltd. in Selby, Siemens Energy increased efficiency while reducing emissions – helping to make their renewable power more affordable. 

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Process optimization project increases plant flexibility 30%

Atlas Energy and Siemens Energy teamed up to modernize their coal plant through a control system upgrade, greatly increasing flexibility and efficiency and decreasing coal consumption—all without any outages.

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Omnivise unit control future proofs this co-gen plant We applied a coordinated unit control that increased plant efficiency and flexibility by matching the output of the gas turbines with the steam turbine.
Omnivise unit control future proofs this co-gen plant

We applied a coordinated unit control that increased plant efficiency and flexibility by matching the output of the gas turbines with the steam turbine.

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There's more to Omnivise than Performance Solutions

Omnivise Perform

Performance Solutions optimizes operational planning, startup, shutdown, grid services and more.

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Omnivise Predict

Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management Solutions applies data analysis and predictive software to optimize your plant’s maintenance operations.

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Omnivise Control

Automated Control Solutions include advanced digital control applications for your DCS systems, simulations, data integration, and more.

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Omnivise Secure

Cybersecurity Solutions protect your plant’s systems, software and fleet from cyberattack, today, tomorrow, and beyond

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Omnivise Enhance

Enhanced Electrical Solutions covers your plant’s electrical management concerns including AVR, black start, synchronous condensers, and more.

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