High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Solutions

Performance, efficiency, reliability

HVDC technology is ideally suited to support and improve the sustainability, efficiency, and reliability of power supply systems.

High-voltage direct current transmission systems supplement the existing AC infrastructure through

  • highly efficient long-distance power transmission
  • grid access for onshore and offshore
  • renewables transnational grid connections
  • provision of fully controlled power supply in either direction
  • the connection of asynchronous grids and grids with different frequencies
  • performance improvements and firewalling of AC grids against cascading blackouts

A pioneer in HVDC technology, Siemens Energy provides a comprehensive portfolio of efficient and sustainable solutions in all fields of application for HVDC technology.

Solutions and services for the entire life cycle of an HVDC

HVDC transmission system solutions and services for the entire life cycle

From ideas to individual business cases

  • Analysis of current grid and status; evaluation of future requirements
  • Identification of necessary and recommended upgrades and improvements to meet future requirements
  • Feasibility studies and FEED studies
  • Development of basic concepts and detailed design of the HVDC system
  • Support in the increase of renewable energy and in developing future energy strategies

From ideas to concrete business cases

  • LCC and VSC MMC technologies in various HVDC system topologies
  • Outstanding operational performance in terms of efficiency and availability
  • Development of customized solutions that meet all individual requirements, operational concepts, and operational needs
  • One-stop turnkey solutions on demand

Everything it takes to ensure efficient, reliable operation

  • Investment protection and maximized converter performance
  • Consideration of equipment wear, technological evolution, and changing market structures and requirements
  • Smooth and successful refurbishment and upgrade solutions to ensure or even extend the system’s competitiveness
  • Individual strategy for each project based on Siemens’ long-term HVDC transmission system experience
  • Early engagement and precise planning to ensure all individual requirements and timelines are met
  • Continuous dialogue for maximum planning security
  • Expert supervision and support from the earliest planning phase to project execution and all the way to service

Everything it takes to ensure efficient, reliable operation

  • Onsite condition assessment (“health check”) including detailed reports and recommendations for availability improvement and lifetime extension
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics using online data from the HVDC transmission system for early fault detection and the prevention of failures
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring, analysis, and recommendations from Siemens experts
  • Asset management and vendor-independent consulting and advisory service
  • Maintenance contracts, field service and repair, technical hotline, and maintenance management
  • Quick and reliable spare parts supply as well as spare parts management
  • Customized operator qualification and training sessions in training rooms, at test fields, and on-site

Learn more about HVDC

If you want to learn more about high-voltage direct current transmission, simply download our brochures and flyers on HVDC technology. They provide a comprehensive overview of all technical details and the fields of application in which an HVDC transmission system will prove advantageous.


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