Omnivise for Offshore

Providing the steps toward autonomous operational, performance and condition monitoring

Our Approach

Today an ever-increasing amount of data is generated, but many players in the energy sector struggle to leverage this vast flow of information and to put it to work. At the same time, changing markets require in-depth data analysis, interpretation, and advice to make an impact on the bottom line. As a result, knowing that digital transformation entails more than just technology, we do offer a broad portfolio of digital services, but also a collaborative approach to boost your performance with custom solutions. It is a business model born out of our expertise and domain know-how that helps you profit from digitalization, experience, and highly skilled manpower. 

Omnivise for Offshore (O4O)

Omnivise for Offshore (O4O) is a unified software platform with a subscription concept to condition and performance monitoring. It plays an important role in our customers quest for digital transformation beyond just monitoring the technical health aspects. It serves multiple segments of offshore operations environments with equipment condition and performance insights in one integrated solution. Based on defined pieces of a Digital Twin, it provides information suited for decision making in the form of dynamic and historic status and KPIs information, reports and alerting dashboards on computers and digital devices. Typical users are personnel responsible for equipment and process integrity and performance, needing to work efficiently being notified on exceptions at the right time.

Omnivise for Offshore: Concept

Omnivise for Offshore offers a layered information model starting on the top with aggregated information related to the equipment constellation and context, e.g. switchboards or drive trains, offering a status summary tailored to reflect the user’s role, responsibility and workflow. The user will be able to drill down for more detailed information in standardized detailed dashboards for most common equipment types where experienced professionals will be able to consume and understand the aspects of health and performance for a given equipment.

In the event there is a need to custom build special purpose analytics, whether it will be machine learning models, physics models, rule-based models or others, they will be able to run in an integrated way with our solution, being developed by Siemens Energy or others. This is achieved by hosting the analytics in a specially designed analytics framework connected to the O4O platform through data contracts.

Our concept is deigned on a modular architecture utilizing data contracts also for our internal communication between services. This allows us to update services without braking changes in most cases meaning it allow you to upgrade the solution with little or no downtime to keep the solution “evergreen”.

Omnivise for Offshore: Overview and Use Case Videos

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