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A fast and easy way to verify the energy origin of low and zero emission products

How CertaLink certification can help you

As energy transition progresses step-by-step, the global demand for sustainable industrial manufacturing has never been higher. Companies need to demonstrate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or verify the volume of CO2 emissions in their products. In addition, there is a growing demand to prove the sustainability of green products like sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), synthetic fuels, green steel, and other commodities.

With CertaLink Energy Certification, we can track the environmental impact of sustainable production processes along the entire product cycle.

Learn more about the CertaLink pilot project at Nobian’s chlor-alkali electrolysis plant in Germany

Haru Oni – discover certified e-fuel from wind and water

CertaLink Energy Certification is already proving the green origin of the e-fuels applications in the Porsche motorsport fleet at Haru Oni. Step by step, Haru Oni is transforming the fuel industry, supported by the certification process to validate the green origins of e-fuels.

How does CertaLink Energy Certification work

Developed with innovation partners TÜV SÜD and the German Energy Agency (dena), CertaLink Energy Certification uses blockchain technology to connect physical assets to digital decentralized infrastructure. It tracks the low and zero carbon energy from source to consumption along the value chain, validating the energy's origin plus providing detailed insights and attributes. As a result of automated and tamper-proof recording and tracking of energy-specific data, a CertaLink certificate is valid around the world through the entire low or zero carbon value chain. 

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Certify your zero or low emission products

Whether it's renewable energy, e-fuels, sustainable steel, or another product, we can help you certify it. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation for your specific needs and discover how we can assist you. 

Our answers to frequently asked questions about CertaLink Energy Certification

Sustainability certificates such as CertaLink Energy Certificates enable "Sustainability Claims" in an automated, tamper-proof, and government-approved manner. Sustainably certified products have a higher market value and offer benefits like customs and tax relief for imports and exports These green energy certifications are required by all companies that wish to market their products as sustainable. With a CertaLink certificate, you can trace the zero or low carbon origin of your products throughout the entire value chain.

Whether you are planning your facility, or you have already established a production facility, you can connect to the CertaLink Energy Certification Manager. We will connect the certification manager with your Instrumentation and Control system or smart meters to access your measurement data and generate green energy certificates for your products. Plant shutdowns are usually not necessary.

The CertaLink certification process is comparable to classic ISO certifications, but the products are continuously certified per production unit. To receive the corresponding automated issued certificate, companies must adhere to a conventional certification approach. 

We will advise you to choose the optimal certification scheme for your business purposes and prepare the certification together with you. There are document checklists depending on the selected certification scheme. A detailed list of required documents will be provided to you so that you can prepare your sustainability certification in a structured manner.  

In order to apply an internationally accepted renewable energy certification standard, we are partnering with independent certification bodies, e.g. TÜV SÜD and dena, the German Energy Agency.

It is important to distinguish between three types of fees. An onboarding fee is charged during the connection and commissioning of the CertaLink Energy Certification Manager. A yearly membership fee is charged after completed onboarding. Later on, each certificate creation will incur a fee.

The CertaLink Energy Certification Manager is based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The use of Private Public Key settings ensures a high level of security. All data is encrypted, stored only at the customer's site and not shared with other partners without explicit permission and key settings.

Our partners: Independent certification bodies

Rainer Block, TÜV Süd AG

“TÜV SÜD has a clear focus on sustainability and decarbonization. We are excited to join forces with Siemens Energy and German Energy Agency (dena) to innovate together on the CertaLink Energy Certification platform. This new service ensures trust and enables the trace of origin across the Power-to-X value chains.”


Rainer Block
CEO Division Industry Service TÜV SÜD AG

Andreas Kuhlmann, German Energy Agency

“CertaLink Energy Certification is the solution to a complex problem. It enables economic participants to concentrate on their main business and to automatically process a significant part of the verification process via the system. The system thus represents a new step in the digitalization of the energy transition.”


Andreas Kuhlmann
CEO German Energy Agency (dena)

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