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Cyber Emergency Response at Siemens Energy

Our experts in the Siemens Energy Cyber Emergency Response teams (CERT) immediately respond to security threats and incidents affecting Siemens Energy corporate infrastructure as well as Siemens Energy products, solutions, and services.

On this page you will find information about their services, relevant advisories for product vulnerabilities.

Siemens Energy CERT: Safeguarding our corporate infrastructure

Our Siemens Energy CERT ensures identification and swift handling of potential cybersecurity incidents, threats and vulnerabilities to our corporate infrastructure. The team detects and contains security incidents, carries out continuous monitoring and reporting to mitigate potential threats to the company at an early stage, and actively advises and supports affected partners in actual crisis situations.

Based on this know-how and the latest technological trends, it consults with the Information Technology department at Siemens Energy to improve the enterprise IT security. To optimize our cyber resilience, the Siemens Energy CERT leverages its relationships with various internal and external stakeholders worldwide, such as CSIRT networks, technical communities, and security researcher communities.

ProductCERT: Addressing security in our portfolio

Siemens Energy's ProductCERT team manages security for products, solutions, and services, collaborating with external partners and researchers to enhance portfolio security. As a Siemens Energy service provider, ProductCERT serves as the central contact for security researchers, vendors, and customers reporting potential Siemens Energy product security vulnerabilities.

ProductCERT coordinates and maintains communication with all involved internal and external parties in order to quickly and effectively respond to security issues. Security Advisories are issued to inform customers about measures that must be taken to securely operate Siemens Energy products and solutions.

Siemens Energy security advisories

The Siemens Energy ProductCERT team investigates reports of security issues and publishes Security Advisories for validated security vulnerabilities that directly affect Siemens Energy products and require customer action. As part of its ongoing effort to help operators manage security risks and help keep their systems protected, Siemens Energy ProductCERT provides the information needed by operators to assess the impact of a security issue.

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Contact and reporting

Reach out in case of questions or incidents!
We ask that you contact our CERT teams regarding any security-related question involving the Siemens Energy portfolio or infrastructure, particularly if you want to report a potential security issue. Please bear in mind that only emails in English or German can be processed, and encrypted communication is preferred. You can expect us to respond by the next business day Central European Time.

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Siemens Energy ProductCERT – Contact for products, solutions, and services


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Siemens Energy CERT – Contact for Siemens Energy corporate infrastructure