Blue GIS with clean air

Our Blue partnerships and more

It’s working together that makes the energy transition work.

At Siemens Energy, we see a partnership as much more than a simple supplier-client relationship. It goes way beyond the placing and delivery of an order. Rather, it’s a close alliance between both parties. We work together towards a shared goal, co-creating the end solution by exchanging ideas and expertise at every stage. This collaborative, interactive approach is one we have followed from the earliest days in the development of the Blue portfolio. We partnered with Iljin Electric to produce the first SF6-free 170kV GIS with vacuum technology in 2018. It’s an approach we have found to be mutually beneficial in every case. Innovation is boosted on both sides, costs are shared and the optimal solution is reached more quickly.


Meet to greet the future

Customer event
  • US customers of Siemens Energy welcomed to Berlin factory
  • Certification of Blue Dead Tank with clean air insulation
  • Berlin facility now 100% powered by renewable energy

Revolution in the making

Replacing F-gases in switchgear
  • A decade ago, there were no viable alternatives to SF
  • Even though this gas is considered to have the highest GWP
  • Today, alternatives are available and the F-gas era appears to be ending