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Cybersecurity to safeguard your digital future

The severity and frequency of cyberattacks on power generation facilities are increasing as criminals become more sophisticated. Our Cybersecurity solutions protects your plant’s systems, software, and fleet from cyberattack, today, tomorrow, and beyond. We apply our expertise in operations technology, cybersecurity, and industrial control systems with industry leading advancements.

Key Benefits

Assess vulnerabilities

Secure aging infrastructure

Risk reduction

Next gen continuous monitoring

Capacity building and training

Compliance issues

Where are your needs, today?

Siemens Energy addresses your cybersecurity needs with products and services in three key areas:


Identification of your problem areas is the first step. Omnivise Cybersecurity Consulting delivers complete solutions toward identification of your specific needs.


Cybersecurity Essentials is a complete suite of services engineered to protect your services from cyberattacks.


Omnivise Secure delivers a variety of fully managed continuous monitoring services that delivers unparalleled threat detection for the OT environment.

Let's find out where, exactly, you need help

Cybersecurity requirements can vary greatly based on the size of your plant, age of equipment, and digital integration factors. Let’s determine where you stand and what you need to develop an effective, customized cybersecurity program.

Featured Solution

Managed Detection and Response Service

A key element in Omnivise Secure Solutions is our artificial intelligence (AI)-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR), powered by Eos.ii™.  MDR collects raw data from your operating environment and translates it in real time so you can proactively detect and prevent cyberattacks, regardless of your fleet size while reducing man hours required to maintain cybersecurity.

What you need to know about MDR 

  • Eos.ii technology generates insights and drives actionable intelligence
  • Real-time visibility into advancing threats
  • Algorithms are updated based on latest threat technology
  • We stay with you from case opening to attack eradication

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