Solutions and products for automation and control

Better performance, efficiency, and transparency in vessel operation

Safety and efficiency have top priority for us when it comes to automating the operation of vessels. Thanks to state-of-the-art support standards, our integrated solutions for ship automation facilitate the continuous monitoring and reliable control of all relevant onboard processes. They open up new optimization potentials and help you optimize the complex operating process of vessels. Thanks to a standardized concept for the automation and operation of all technical processes, potential fault sources are eliminated. Simplified system overviews, including subsystems, provide the crew with a sound basis for decision-making under all circumstances.

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Automation and control solutions at a glance

We offer state-of-the-art automation and control technology that assists crews in tackling ever more complex technical processes on board – and for almost any kind of vessel.


SISHIP EcoMAIN assists you with ship management decisions by providing operating data from all relevant onboard systems and equipment on a joint data platform.


As a monitoring system, SISHIP IMAC provides clear visualization and seamless monitoring of a large number of fully automated processes running in parallel on ships of all types and sizes.


OBTS and LBTS provide training in operational situations under realistic conditions on the actual automation software – either as onboard training (OBTS), or as land-based training (LBTS).


Our engineering, monitoring, and control system EMCS has been developed to ensure efficient and safe operation of all vital subsystems of submarines.


IPMS, Siemens Energy's integrated automation system for naval surface vessels, features redundant monitoring and control of the propulsion system and other onboard subsystems.

Perfect vessel management with SISHIP EcoMAIN

As a ship owner or ship operator, you rely on numerous software and hardware systems to answer ever more complex challenges in your daily business. With SISHIP EcoMAIN, you can use data from any number of systems on board in a uniform platform to make better decisions and save costs.

Control and monitoring system SISHIP IMAC

The powerful and reliable SISHIP IMAC control system assumes all alarm, monitoring, and control functions. Its particular strengths are demonstrated in its ability to be scalable and to process a high number of measuring points. SISHIP IMAC communicates with other automation systems on board and enables the integration of complex systems such as the propulsion control system or the power management system.

Excellent onboard or land-based training

With every technological advance, machinery and processes become more complex, requiring automation systems even for routine tasks. Therefore, periodic onshore and offshore training supports your crew in preserving the highest levels of security and efficiency by maintaining a comprehensive understanding of real-life situations and matching them with their representation in the automation systems.

Engineering, monitoring, and control of vital subsystems

A submarine is a highly complex system comprising a variety of subsystems. Among other things, the trim, regulation, pressure, and ventilation systems must be controlled and monitored. To simplify operation and further support the operator, all systems are controlled and monitored using one central system.

Fail-safe controlling and monitoring of all electrically powered onboard units

Automation solutions on board navy surface vessels must safeguard the ship and crew in any operating situation, therefore unconditional system availability is just as important as excellent reliability and straightforward operation. IPMS ensures that operations run smoothly and that system failures do not turn into a catastrophe.