Bringing Zero closer: 3AV1 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker

With Zero F-gases and Zero harm, this 72.5 - 145 kV circuit breaker makes a greener grid achievable

Why we need to go for Zero. And why you need Blue.

With the energy sector having a greater carbon impact than every other industry combined, the urgent need for decarbonization to combat climate change cannot be overstated. Renewable energy sources are only part of the solution; at Siemens Energy we understand how essential it is to achieve Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) in the transmission of power as well as in its generation. Most switchgear still uses SF6 for insulation – a gas 24,300 times more climate-hostile than CO2 and one which stays in the atmosphere for up to 3,200 years. Even the new F-gas alternatives are still harmful to the environment when released. That’s not sustainable, as recognized by the new EU-F-gas-regulation. And it’s why we’ve developed our Zero-harm Blue portfolio, including the 3AV1 dead tank circuit breaker.

When traditional technology is still needed

While we are continuously striving for Zero, it is not yet possible for every voltage level. That’s why we still offer a range of high-performance traditional switchgear.


Essential facts and features

Zero environmental impact

  • Zero SF6 and other F-gases
  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Zero GWP

Zero impact on health and safety

  • Zero toxic insulation gases
  • Zero toxic decomposition products
  • Zero special safety measures needed during maintenance
  • Zero regulations on handling of gas
  • Zero disposal of gases required at end of life

Zero regulations

  • Zero reporting and accounting of gases required
  • Zero issues with current and potential legislation against F-gases

Zero compromise on performance and reliability

  • Voltages from 72.5 to 145 kV
  • High number of short-circuit and rated current interruptions
  • Two-cycle current interruption
  • Full performance down to -60°C ambient temperature
  • Maintenance-free interrupter unit during its lifetime
  • 10+ years of experience in HV vacuum switching

Blue circuit breakers: future-ready and future-proof

Further reading on Zero

Our services for you

You can find details on our dead tank circuit breakers and information about our services here.


Brochure high-voltage circuit breakers
PDF (17 MB)
Brochure high-voltage dead tank circuit breaker
PDF (1 MB)


3AV Blue DT circuit breaker
PDF (692 KB)
SPS2-S 123-170kV DT circuit breakers
PDF (1 MB)
SPS2-S 245kV DT circuit breaker
PDF (1 MB)
SPS 362kV DT circuit breaker
PDF (1 MB)
SPS 550kV DT circuit breaker
PDF (1 MB)
3AP1 DT for low temperatures EN
PDF (296 KB)
3AP1 DT for low temperatures RU
PDF (308 KB)
TechFacts #101
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REACH declaration circuit breakers
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