Solutions and products for electric propulsion/drives

Advanced ship propulsion systems for maximum added value

Advanced ship propulsion systems for maximum added value of all the onboard systems, the propulsion system has the biggest influence on performance, security, and cost-effectiveness. Fuel consumption, as the greatest single cost item, holds the biggest cost-saving potential for a ship’s operation. Moreover, the choice of a suitable propulsion system influences a whole host of other factors. For instance, quiet operation with low vibration will heighten onboard comfort. Power reserves and maneuverability will increase the vessel’s potential commercial value. And a modular, space-saving drive design will afford more flexibility when planning the layout of your ship. Our integrated drive system concepts help you find the right technology for your purposes.

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Electric propulsion/drives solutions at a glance

We offer future-proof electric propulsion/drives solutions for the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of commercial as well as naval vessels.

Drive LV

Our two diesel-electric marine propulsion systems reduce fuel requirements, increase maneuverability, minimize environmental risks, and make your ship quieter and more comfortable.

Drive MV

Designed without compromising power output and fail-safe performance, our Drive MV integrated drive system offers an almost unlimited power range.


In the Permasyn motor for submarines, excitation is achieved with permanent magnets. This results in outstanding features in terms of uncompromising reliability and operational readiness.


Siemens Energy developed the SGM shaft generator with motor function in response to rising fuel costs and ever-stricter environmental regulations.

SISHIP BlueDrive Family

With SISHIP BlueDrive Eco, the SISHIP BlueDrive family is now offering scalable solutions for all drive requirements, covering diverse performance graduations for small to medium-sized drives, from 5 KW in auxiliary mode up to 5.5 MW in main drives.

DC Prop

With their outstanding reliability, minimized noise signature, and stray field development, Siemens Energy DC-Prop DC drives are perfectly suitable for operation in submarines.

Highly reliable low-voltage drives up to 5 MW

Diesel-electric propulsion systems are gaining more and more importance in shipping. Shipping installations with higher fuel efficiency in all operational stages will be increasingly favored and will presumably have great potential for future growth. Drive LV is the leading technology solution.

State-of-the-art medium-voltage drives from 5 MW upward

Diesel-electric propulsion systems are clearly superior both technically and in operation to normal diesel drive systems in almost all areas. Drive MV is the marine industry’s leading alternating-current propulsion system. Although it can unleash much power, it runs as quiet as a whisper with low vibration.

Highly efficient low-profile motors for submarines

Submarines are the vessels that depend most on the complete reliability and operational readiness of their propulsion motors. A drive system that operates efficiently with very low signatures is essential for long dives and makes the boat harder to detect. The Permasyn motor for submarines is smaller and more lightweight than conventional propulsion solutions – and it achieves much better efficiency at extremely low signatures.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly shaft generator with motor function

Spiraling fuel costs and anticipated emission controls already feature strongly in the early design stage of a ship. With the SGM shaft generator with motor function, your vessels are best equipped to meet the necessary criteria.

Innovative diesel-electric propulsion systems

Siemens Energy has over many years created a wide portfolio and extensive competence within the field of power electronics and propulsion systems. By changing the conventional propulsion system configuration and implementing a totally new control philosophy, the ultra-compact SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC™ system is created. With this system a whole new set of possibilities and advantages opens.

SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC – electrical power system

The synchronous generators are designed to operate in the same speed and power range as the connected diesel engine. Due to extended development of the power electronics, the main drive unit SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC is created as a stand-alone, integrated unit, including the generator and bus-tie panel as well as the frequency converter controls for all thrusters and auxiliary drives. In addition, the unit provides clean power supply to all auxiliary consumers, and all electronics are based on known and well-proven technology. In addition to the operational advantages, the new unit reduces footprint, volume, and weight by at least 30 percent.

SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC – power station control system

The SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC unit is equipped with an integrated control system that realizes all genset control, drive control and power management functions within the unit itself. The speed and power of the diesel engines is controlled in correspondence with the total power consumption of the vessel. The electric system is only fed with active power from the generators; hence there is no circulating reactive power to handle. The speed and power characteristics of the diesel engine will be parameterized according to the selected diesel engine type. Integrated parts of the system are Power Management (PMS), Power Plant Protection (P3) and Generator Power Adaption Systems (GPA). All these systems are integrated in the integrated control system of the SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC.

The BlueDrive PlusC for small vessels: SISHIP BlueDrive Eco

SISHIP BlueDrive Eco combines the experience from both systems SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC and SISHIP EcoProp. SISHIP EcoProp is well known as a flexible, compact, high-power diesel-electric propulsion system for smaller vessels such as yachts, ferries, and public authority vessels. Like the complete SISHIP BlueDrive family, SISHIP BlueDrive Eco uses the Siemens Energy industrial converter platform components, providing very high reliability and availability. It enables scalable systems from 5 kW inverter power use and closes the power range (to SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC up to 5.5 MW inverter power), all in the same topology.

The Siemens Energy Storage System (ESS): BlueVault

The advanced lithium-ion battery-based solution BlueVault for offshore installations and marine vessels is suited for both all-electric and hybrid energy-storage applications. BlueVault energy storage solutions are designed to help ensure continuity of power and to minimize carbon dioxide emissions. 

The battery is designed to maximize life, performance, and safety. It is equipped with an integrated battery management system and overload/short circuit protection. The storage modules with 6.6 kWh Li-Ion batteries can be slid into a rack. The battery storage cubicle consists of 9 modules and 60 kWh. The cubicles can be easily lined up to the total required battery capacity.

The SISHIP BlueDrive family – technology for a green future

DC drives for submarines

Submarine drives need to be able to withstand the toughest demands. On long missions and under extreme conditions they must also be able to function perfectly to ensure maximum security for the boat and crew. They also demand low signatures, high efficiency, and easy-to-maintain, space-saving, and lightweight modules. With its strong focus on these demands, our DC-Prop for submarines are a favorite option for some type of submarines.