How to increase transmission system capacity and stability

Fixed series capacitor (FSC)

The ongoing transformation of the energy system requires effective means to cope with growing challenges when it comes to reliable power transmission. Instead of building new lines to provide sufficient transmission capacity, it’s often better to use our flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) technology to increase the transmission capacity. Both newly built transmission lines and existing systems benefit from Siemens Energy’ FSC which is part of the series compensation (SC) solutions that also help to improve the quality and stability of power transmission lines.

Increased maximum capacity

Fixed series capacitor expands the transmission capacity of lines by compensating the impedance of the overhead line. It’s a cost-efficient way to achieve larger transmission capacities instead of building new lines.

Increased grid stability

With fixed series compensation, it’s possible to provide system stability for bulk power transmission and long transmission lines by reducing voltage drops at the point of connection. This increases overall grid stability.

Economical solution

The fixed series capacitors are the most cost-efficient solution. Their simple, proven and robust technology supports transmission system operators by optimizing power transmission and increasing transmission capacity. Siemens Energy is proud to reiterate: All major components are sourced in-house.

Additional information

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