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icon Power plant solutions
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Heavy-duty power plants

In today's complex power market Siemens Energy is a strong partner capable of providing you with competitive power plant solutions to improve the profitability of your business. We offer both simple cycle and combined cycle power plants turnkey from a single source. Tailored for your specific needs and challenges of the market. 

Duke Energy and Siemens Energy together have created a world record-holding power plant. The SGT6-9000HL at Duke Energy’s Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station is offering incredible efficiency, while delivering the highest power output for a simple cycle plant in the world. Read about how HL-class turbines help to reduce your carbon footprint today while looking to tomorrow.

Tailored to your needs

Are you looking for a highly efficient combined cycle power plant to cover base load at reasonable cost? Or a robust simple cycle power plant that will cover peak loads under tough conditions? Siemens Energy will develop and build the solution you need: simple and combined cycle power plants, with or without combined heat and power (CHP), flexible and sustainable. You can rely on proven technologies that will pay off throughout the entire lifetime of your power plant – technologies that set the standards in efficiency and reliability, and are fit to meet future challenges.

Performance And Efficiency Booster: HL-class

The next level of efficiency and performance 

With our HL-class gas turbine we are paving the way to the next level for higher power plant efficiency and performance. This evolutionary development step, derived from proven H-class technology, combines a series of new but already tested technologies. The result: A technology carrier to the next level with a combined cycle efficiency beyond 64% and a clear midterm goal of 65%. The HL-class consists of two engines:  SGT5-9000HL and SGT6-9000HL.

Proven And Highly Efficient: H-class Power Plants


Get the most out of your resources: a combined cycle power plant with a single H-class gas turbine will achieve an efficiency of about 62 percent and a power output of 675 MW (50 Hz) or 472 MW (60 Hz).

Highly flexible

Reliably cover your electricity needs: daily startup to full load operation in less than 30 minutes plus rapid load changes – our flexibility solutions will equip your H-class power plant for any load requirements.

Flexible And Reliable: F-class Power Plants

Suitable for every load profile

Stay flexible: our F-class Flex-Plants can be quickly started up and shut down. This means that you can cover peak loads as efficiently as well and intermediate and base load demands.

Profitable in the long term

Keeping an eye on costs: F-class power plants are especially service-friendly. Longer service intervals keep maintenance costs down – which means you get an ideal balance between capital costs, plant performance, and operating costs.

Robust And Durable: E-class Power Plants

Long-term dependability

Whether you need a simple single-shaft configuration or multiple lines, or a system combined with a steam turbine or heat extraction all of these run reliably under extreme conditions.

Wide range of firing options

Keep your options open: E-class power plants offer outstanding fuel flexibility – from low-calorific gases, gases containing CO2, H2S and Nto crude oil and other liquids with high viscosity.

Variable operation modes

Cover your peak loads: our E-class power plants can be rapidly started up, ramped and shut down. With no major efficiency losses, they are suited to operating with fluctuating power demand.

What you can count on

We are your reliable partner in all phases of a project: from business model design to financial closing, from technology selection to permitting, and from engineering to profitable operation – your success is our passion.


reliable at all times

Construction time: 

best in the market


achieving the highest safety standards


most extensive regional footprint in the industry

Support for project financingPrefabricated modules (Siemens Energy Solutions Blocks)Extremely low rate of work accidentsGlobal service network
Thorough technical backgroundCommitted to on-time deliveryMinimized downtimeComprehensive expertise in every market

Siemens Energy power plants supply the world

More than 1,500 power plants are in operation around the world. Here’s a selection of the top projects we’ve implemented for our customers.

Azura Edo

Edo State, Nigeria | 50 Hz | E-class

An IPP power plant providing reliable energy supply

  • Handover to customer about 2 months before the contractually agreed 
  • Almost 5 million working hours without a single work related accident
  • Excellent project management and fruitful collaboration with competent consortium partner
Samsun 8000H

Samsun, Turkey | 50 Hz | H-class

On the grid in record time

  • Supply of all core components with long-term service contract
  • 600-MW power plant configuration for 200 starts per year
  • Completion two months ahead of schedule
Beni Suef 8000H

Beni Suef, Egypt | 50 Hz | H-class

World’s largest combined cycle power plant

  • Reliable power supply for 15 million people
  • Eight H-class gas turbines, four steam turbines, and twelve generators from Siemens
  • Part of the megaproject designed to increase power generation in Egypt by 50 percent
Dangjin 8000H

Dangjin-City, South Korea | 60 Hz | H-class

Asia’s most efficient combined cycle power plant

  • Completed ahead of schedule
  • Efficiency nearly 61 percent, power output of 415 MW<
  • Significant cost savings on fuel, service, and maintenance
Andong 8000H

Andong, South Korea | 60 Hz | H-class

Second H-class plant in South Korea

  • Just 24 months construction time
  • Turnkey plant construction with all components from Siemens
  • Ten years of service for the main components
El Segundo

El Segundo, California I United States I 60 Hz I F-class

El Segundo Energy Center the second Flex-Plant in the USA

  • El Segundo Energy Center in California officially dedicated 
  • Installed capacity 550 MW for efficient and flexible electricity 
  • 300 MW in less than 10 minutes

Power for approximately 450,000 homes in California


Shuweihat S3 | Abu Dhabi I 50 Hz I F-class

Heavy-duty power plant serves Abu Dhabi’s growth

  • Installed power output of 1,600 MW 
  • The fifth Siemens power plant in the emirate
  • Consortium headed by Siemens
La Caridad

La Caridad, Mexico I 60 Hz I F-class

Treasure in the desert

  • Two turnkey F-class power plants of 250 MW each, to supply power to three mines
  • State-of-the-art combined cycle technology reduces electricity costs by 40 percent for Grupo Mexico
  • Project covers everything from initial design through 12 years of service
Nhon Trach

Nhon Trach, Vietnam I 50 Hz I F-class

Fast construction to manage electricity shortage

  • F-class power unit delivered three months earlier than agreed
  • Multi-shaft system with an installed capacity of 760 MW
  • Latest burner technology keeps NOx emissions below 15 ppm

Geregu, Nigeria I 50 Hz I E-class

More electricity for Nigeria’s future

  • The third turnkey gas-fired power plant from Siemens for Nigeria
  • Part of the government program “Vision 2020” to expand the country’s energy system 
  • E-class technology for all load ranges