Leipziger Stadtwerke is leading the way to decarbonize district heating and power supply with its 100% hydrogen-ready Leipzig Süd combined heat and power plant.

Customer challenge: Break away from coal and embrace renewable energy

As part of the city's objective to offer climate-neutral heating solutions by 2038, Leipziger Stadtwerke wanted to transform its Leipzig Süd district heating facility. The transition involved moving away from lignite-based power and heat production and embracing carbon-neutral energy sources. Simultaneously, the facility had to exhibit great flexibility in order to counterbalance the fluctuation of renewable energy and respond promptly to the changing demands of the spot market.

The solution: Step-by-step decarbonization by building 100% hydrogen readiness

The newly built Leipzig Süd district heat and power station has everything needed to provide Leipzig's residents with cleaner heat and power. Equipped with two Siemens Energy SGT-800 gas turbine packages, the plant is fully capable of running on hydrogen. Our FlexLTP service program will ensure the reliable operation of the gas turbines at flexible maintenance intervals. Our scope of supply also comprises SIESTART battery energy storage systems for blackstart support, as well as transformers and ancillary systems.

The plant is currently operating on natural gas and then gradually switching to hydrogen beginning in 2025.

picture of Leipzig Süd combined heat and power plant
image of siemens energy transformer at Leipzig Süd CHP
Image of SGT-800 gas turbine

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The benefits: Cleaner heat and power at increased fuel efficiency

The hydrogen-ready power plant utilizes advanced gas turbine technology, offering a climate-neutral fuel solution. Moreover, its efficient CHP configuration achieves 94% fuel utilization with a capacity to generate 125MW electrical power and 163MW thermal power. With its extremely low emissions, Leipzig Süd is one of the cleanest power stations in the world. In addition, a thermal storage tank decouples heat and power production from heat demand to maximize revenue streams. Moreover, the plant can reach its full generation capacity in just 15 minutes. This ability to quickly respond to grid fluctuations can improve its competitiveness on the spot market and aid in balancing the grid. 

About Leipziger Stadtwerke

Leipzig Süd combined heat and power plant

Leipziger Stadtwerke is a municipal energy supply company in Central Germany. The company promotes an environmentally friendly energy production system: it produces electricity and heat using efficient combined heat and power systems, like its gas and steam turbines or biomass power plants, as well as wind power and photovoltaics.

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