Integrated Electrolyzer & Heat Pump Solution

Boost the efficiency of hydrogen production while decarbonizing district heating: For the production of green hydrogen, typically 70-80% of the electrical energy is used to split water into H2 and O2, while the rest is converted into waste heat.

With our Integrated Electrolyzer & Heat Pump Solution, we combine the production of hydrogen and heat: The heat pump dissipates the waste heat from the electrolyzer, raises its temperature to a higher level and makes it available for other processes, such as district heating. By removing waste heat, the heat pump also provides cooling for the electrolyzer, minimizing the need for other cooling equipment.

A possible use case: The combined production of hydrogen and heat

Whenever enough renewable energy is available, it can be used to produce hydrogen. The H2 can be easily stored for times when there is a shortage of renewable energy. At the same time, the heat pump uses the waste heat from the electrolyzer to produce heat at temperatures suitable for district heating. In times of renewable energy surplus, thermal power plants can be shut down because they are not needed for electricity or heat production. When heat production is higher than heat demand, the excess heat from the heat pump can be stored in thermal storage facilities.

During periods of renewable energy shortage and high energy prices, the hydrogen can be fired in a thermal plant (e.g., a H2-ready gas turbine cogeneration plant) to produce electricity and heat. The heat from the thermal storage covers periods of high heat demand but low electricity demand. The integration of renewable energy in heat production helps to decarbonize district heating. The Integrated Electrolyzer & Heat Pump Solution lowers the Levelized Cost of Energy for both hydrogen production and heat production for district heating by minimizing energy losses.

The Game-Changer in hydrogen production:

An Integrated Electrolyzer & Heat Pump Solution increases energy utilization from 75% to 96% and more

(Electrolyzer efficiency of about 75%: data sheet of PEM electrolyzer Silyzer 300. Efficiency of an Integrated Electrolyzer & Heat Pump Solution of >96%, for a solution with H2 production of 1005 kg/h at 80 bar(g); heat pump with COP of 3.4 and 24 MWth input for district heating with 60°C-110°C heat supply temperature level (return-supply temperature), power demand of plant: 64.3 MWel)

Electrolyzer, heat pump and control system

An Integrated Electrolyzer & Heat Pump Solution consists of the PEM electrolyzer (standard configuration for 335 kg/h and 1005 kg/h hydrogen are available), a high-temperature heat pump (8 MWth or 24 MWth; max. achievable temperature for district heating: up to 150°C), the control system and hydrogen as well as heat storage.


Technical data

     ParameterConfiguration Example 1Configuration Example 2
H₂ production335 kg/h1005 kg/h
H₂ pressure80 bar(g)80 bar(g)
COP of heat pump33
Thermal recovery / Input for district heating8 MWth24 MWth
Heat supply temperature level (return – supply temperature)60°C – 110°C60°C – 110°C
Max. achievable temperature for district heating150°C150°C
Energy utilization≥96%≥98%
Power demand for electrolyzer and heat pump (1)21.8 MWel64.3 MWel