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Trusted partner and advisor in process safety for more than 25 years, leading the industry with innovative engineering services and digital solutions to oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and refining facilities worldwide.

Expertise in Process Safety Consulting

Process Design

Timely expert engagement enhancing ROI

Process Safety & Risk Management

PSM solutions promoting safer operations

Operations Excellence

Sustainable approaches improving operational processes and systems

Software Technology

Collaboration across an enterprise to better manage process safety

Helping customers address challenges in Process Safety


Better understand your challenges by asking the right questions and listening to your facility’s process safety stakeholders.

Discovery Sessions

Glean the critical insights necessary to help inform the right solution in addressing your process safety challenges.


Provide practical and cost-effective solutions to your process safety challenges aligned to industry best practices.

Pilot Studies

Manageably implement recommendations to enhance success factors prior to full scale implementation.


Critically review your processes, documentation, design basis, etc.  to ensure compliance to PSM standards.


Assess your practices against industry standards and best practices to identify opportunities for improvement.

Making Advances in Process Safety

White Paper: Cybersecurity Consideration in Process Hazard Analysis

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to take advantage of integrated network vulnerabilities. As the process industry evolves toward greater reliance on and integration with information technology, it is critical to consider malicious and intentional disruption by parties who exploit the enhanced capabilities and integration of modern communication with process controls and operations. Download your free copy to understand the significance of considering cybersecurity threats during a PHA/HAZOP, how a PHA team can assess the vulnerability of a system or facility, and more.