SeaFloat power plants

Imagine a world with access to electricity and clean water – a world with less pollution, less noise disturbances and sufficient resources. A tough challenge and also a necessity when looking at the world’s growing population and climate change. But this is the world that Siemens Energy wants to fit in – with SeaFloat, the new mobile floating power plant.

Mobility, rapid deployment and flexibility shape our future

We have taken up the idea of floating power plants and brought our latest, highly efficient gas turbine frames on to floating devices, thus defining a new class of floating power plants. The evolution of open and combined cycle power plants from land to sea are based on our successful - gas turbines series (e.g. SGT-800, or SGT-8000H) - proven steam turbine series (e.g. SST-600, SST-5000) as well as our reliable generator series (e.g. SGen-100A, SGen-2000P).

Mobility, flexibility and no need for land acquisition are the most prominent features which distinguish SeaFloat power plants from conventional land-based plants. These features come along with short lead time due to high prefabrication grade and enhanced plug & play concept as well as reduced overall project investments making them interesting for various applications.

It is possible to electrify remote areas with mobile SeaFloat power plants enabling deployment and development and pushing economic growths in these areas.
Being able to provide fast power, countries facing catastrophes such as hurricanes or earthquakes can be supported quickly. Mobile SeaFloat power plants can help to rebuild countries suffering from damaged or destroyed infrastructure, bringing hope to the people and financial securities to banks and lenders.

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SeaFloat responses to market requirements


Market Requirements

  • Population growth
  • Reliable mobile power supply
  • Economic efficiency
  • Climate protection


SeaFloat Response

  • Mobile Asset
  • Enhanced power density
  • Efficient offsite manufacturing          
  • Risk reduction (e.g. no soil risks)



  • Better constructability with lower cost
  • Reduced project risks with plug and play concept
  • Faster project schedule


A pre-installed, highly reliable combined cycle power plant equipped with a SGT-800 solution in SeaFloat application provides the right answer for areas with lack of space. High investments for land acquisition are not required anymore. The power output is between 150 MW up to 450 MW depending on the different available plant configuration consisiting of our reliable steam turbine SST-600 and the related generators. High efficiency, also in part load, and easy maintenance make the SGT-800-based SeaFloat solution the ideal choice to develop remote areas. They are state-of-the-art solutions for industrial applications. The power plant is pre-designed and available in a plug and play concept. Based on the project-specific boundaries, the SeaFloat solution with Siemens Energy combined cycle power plants may provide major benefits like up to 20% better LCoE compared to reciprocating engines. 


Even the world champion of heavy-duty gas turbines, Siemens Energies high-end SGT-8000H gas turbine has been enhanced for SeaFloat application. It is available in 2x1 and 1x1 combined cycle configurations and delivers the highest power density with up to 1,330 MW, with plant efficiency of more than 61%. Together with the SST-5000 steam turbine, the condenser SCon-4000, the generators SGen-100A and SGen-2000P, and our in-house designed HRSG's the power plant mainly focuses on the substitution of older plants such as nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants without typical brownfield risk. The existing asset can continue operation due to fast offsite manufacturing of an efficient SeaFloat power plant. A comparison of the SeaFloat application with a brownfield land-based power plant under consideration of demolition works and relocation of existing site infrastructure may result in 20% shorter project schedule. It has the potential to reduce CAPEX by 20%, have 25% better net present value (NPV), 5% better IRR and 45% faster payback.

What you can count on

Are you looking for a highly efficient combined cycle power plant but are limited in space or simply need mobile energy supply? Or do you want to replace one of your old assets with a highly efficient combined cycle power plant but you are facing high soil risks or brown field risks? Do you need a robust simple cycle power plant that will cover peak loads under tough conditions?

This is our SeaFloat power plants range

The SeaFloat power plants range provides a choice of different sizes of combined cycle based on aeroderivates (e.g. SGT-A35), mid-sized industrial gas turbines (e.g. SGT- 750, SGT-800) and heavy duty gas turbines (e.g. SGT-8000H). Optimized to the project specific requirements in power output, efficiency and load regime all applications can be installed on different types of floating devices such as a simple barge, typical platform (e.g. oil & gas platforms), floating production and offloading unit (FPSO) or Floating Storage Regasification and Power Unit (FSRPU). SeaFloat is the highest form of modularization providing power plants in one piece as a mobile asset or for a permanent installation. With focus on the Oil & Gas business SeaFloat makes fossil greener by utilization of the offshore combined cycle solutions to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Ideal solution for areas with lack of space and for the development of remote areas
  • State-of-the-art solution for industrial applications

Open cycle series

  • Best choice to balance out high fluctuations in power demand and supply
  • Perfect supplement for volatile offshore windfarms

SGT-8000H series

  • Substitution of old power plants such as nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants without typical brownfield risk. Existing asset can continue operation due to fast offsite manufacuring of an efficient SeaFloat power plant.

Development of remote areas

The SGT-800 combines a simple, robust design, for high reliability and easy maintenance, with high efficiency and low emissions. With more than 340 units sold and over 6 million equivalent operating hours, the SGT-800 is an excellent choice for industrial or oil and gas applications. 

The SST-600 is a steam turbine designed for operation within speed ranges of 3,000 to 18,000 rpm for generators or mechanical drives up to 200 MW. More that 400 units operating worldwide and have produced more than 16 GW electricity in more than 16.3 million operating hours.

SeaFloat power plants equipped with world-class efficient SGT-800 in combined cycle application are available in configurations for 150 MW up to 450 MW.

Operational flexibility based on actual operational requirements provides a wide field of applications in industrial environments as well as for baseload operation in remote areas. All gas and steam turbine packages are system-tested with dedicated electrical and control modules prior to shipment.

Continuous evolutionary optimizations, advanced remote diagnostic algorithms and forecasting of component life lead to world class reliability.

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Exchanging the gas turbine core engine within 48 hours ensures maximized plant availability.

SGT-800 gas turbine SeaFloat

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The skid-mounted train consisting of gas turbine, mechanical auxiliary systems, gear box, generator and generator switch gear. 

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It is also available for the steam turbine with single-lift capability with a small footprint under consideration of a simplified maintenance. 

SeaFloat VR

An interactive virtual reality experience

Discover the SGT-800 SeaFloat in VR, via your web browser or via a smartphone VR (like Google Cardboard). 

High performer in heavy duty gas turbines

The SGT5-8000H offers outstanding performance and high flexibility. With a gross power output of 450 MW and a quick ramp-up from start to full load, the turbine offers low lifecycle costs and helps to meet fluctuating power demands.

Even Siemens’ high end SGT-8000H gas turbine is available as SeaFloat application, in 1x1 as well as 2x1 combined cycle configurations. It delivers up to 1,330 MW with a plant efficiency of more than 61%, mainly focusing on the substitution of older plants such as nuclear power plants and coal fired power plants.

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The turbine is the core component of highly efficient gas-fired power plants, designed for 665 MW at 61% efficiency in combined cycle operation.

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The SCC5-8000H SeaFloat power plant consists of a single-lift gas turbine generator package, and a single-lift package for the steam turbine generator package with condenser.

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Within the HRSG steel structure, flexible elements absorb deflections, while a compensator decouples the gas turbine from the HRSG. 

Ultra Light Combined Cycle (ULCC)

Modular design for fast and easy installation

The SeaFloat ULCC (Ultra Light Combined Cycle) is designed for offshore application with compact footprint and low weight. It is our response to reduce carbon footprint in offshore projects. Up to 110.000t CO2 can be reduced per annum on one FPSO (Floating Production storage and offloading Unit) and is comparable to the emissions of a European City with 17.000 inhabitants. Under consideration of CO2-taxes it provides a significant economic savings.
With a modular design for fast and easy installation, the ULCC can be profited as an offshore single lift package in a plug & play concept. It provides maximum operational flexibility providing heat and power with a total efficiency of up to 70%. The design of the water-/steam cycle has been considered carefully with lowest possible complexity but with highest operational flexibility. The smart heat extraction allows flexibility in balancing heat and power provision.

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The SeaFloat concept uses Siemens Energies proven equipment and reliable technology and optimizes these solutions for a floating application. All open cycle and combined cycle power plants can be installed on barges, ships or floating platforms depending on project specific boundaries and business cases. Please fill out the form below and receive your download link.

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