Fast power. High return. Low emissions.

Siemens Energy Electrical and Mechanical Solutions (SEAM) for Pressure Pumping and Mobile Oilfield Applications

We electrify pressure pumping operations by replacing diesel engines and transmissions with electric motors and variable-speed drives that are powered by gas turbine generators. These solutions enable our customers to reduce fuel and maintenance costs, improve safety, lower emissions, and ultimately increase their profitability. In addition, our electric solution allows us to build in valuable digital controls and analytics.

Products or Integrated Turnkey Solutions

Our solutions are adapted from the core product portfolio and delivered with industry partnerships.

Mobile Power Units

Fast Mobile Power

Fast, versatile, and scalable power, designed from the ground up for rugged environments, our portfolio of mobile power units gets power where you need it, fast!  Whether you need power for drilling, completions or production, we have a power solution that fits your needs.

The electrification of the Oil & Gas industry with the Via™ 5.8 is a key step on the journey to sustainability

Compared to diesel engine solutions, SIEMENS SEAM SOLUTIONS can:

80 %

Reduce fuel costs by as much as 80 percent. 

60 %

Reduce fleet maintenance costs by 60 percent.

3 X

Generate up to three times the hydraulic horsepower per trailer. 

Gas Turbines

Efficient and Flexible Gas Turbines

Motors and Drives

The drive packages from the SEAM portfolio feature rugged, severe-duty, and outdoor-rated motors and drives that have been proven in difficult environments for nearly 20 years. Often operating in the harshest conditions, they come equipped with environmental enclosures and protection which allows for high reliability and availability.

  • Trailer-mounted 
  • Compact
  • Modular design for easy scalability
  • Transformer-free solutions available

Digital Solutions

  • Reduce non-productive downtime
  • Increase visibility and control
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance
  • Complete design support

Electric Solution Expertise

Grid Power and Distributed Solutions

SEAM solutions offer fully integrated microgrids that ensure redundancy, faster rig up times and safe operations. Siemens Energy has centuries of experience in electrification and the in-house expertise to design complete grids with world class reliability.

  • Electrical Studies for safe operation
  • Reduced unplanned asset downtime
  • Integrated system operation

Compared to diesel engine solutions, SIEMENS SEAM SOLUTIONS can:

80 %60 %3 X
Reduce fuel costs by as much as 80 percent. Reduce fleet maintenance costs by 60 percent.Generate up to three times the hydraulic horsepower per trailer. 

Why Go All Electric?

SEAM Technology Feature in the Permian Basin 100th Anniversary

E&P operators and their pressure and pumping service “frac” partners may have different needs for well site power, but both seek more efficiency, safety, compliance, and ultimately, profitability. That’s why flexible, reliable, and scalable mobile electric power solutions fueled by natural gas instead of diesel make sense.

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