SGT-400 gas turbine

Evolution in rotors, blades and combustion technology enhances efficiency, flexibility and availability

The SGT-400 is a simple, robust twin-shaft gas turbine, suitable for both power generation and mechanical drive applications.

The product services the 10 – 15 MW power band and can be used in all climates, onshore and offshore. A technological leap forward when it debuted 20 years ago, the SGT-400 continues to be a leader in operational and fuel flexibility, low emissions and overall efficiency. Enhancements to rotors and blades combined with local support and a 33% increase in the time between overhauls ensure high availability and low lifecycle costs. Recent advancements like the can-annular design with single-stage combustion mean the SGT-400 can burn a wide range of fuel compositions and run efficiently at all loads. It can meet stringent emissions standards while running loads as low as 30% and has seamless, true dual-fuel capability.


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Highlights of the SGT-400 gas turbine

  • Extended 32,000-hour hot gas path service intervals, up from 24,000 hours.
  • 64,000 hours before first major overhaul, up from 48,000 hours.

A large team of cross-trained field service technicians and engineers, 24/7 help desks and remote monitoring make the SGT-400 easier to own and operate over its entire lifecycle.

Can burn many fuel types and qualities, including liquid fuels and gases with high inerts, thanks to controls technology. The engine, equipped with DLE burners, is capable to burn up to 10 vol% of hydrogen (H2). Equipped with diffusion burners with unabated NOx emissions, it can burn up to 65 vol% of hydrogen (H2).

Ability to operate efficiently across a broader range of power – from 10 to 15 MW.

Intelligent automatic adjustment of fuel split during starting and during operation to compensate load, ambient and fuel composition change to minimize emissions.

Compact dimensions, on-site or off-site maintainability, and high reliability. Can be used as direct drive for compressors or pumps, or for power generation. Onshore use in oil fields or refinery applications and offshore on platforms and FPSO vessels

Simple cycle or combined cycle applications and combined heat and power (CHP) uses.

Ingenious design to the core

The SGT-400’s twin-shaft design is simple yet robust. It features a two-bearing gas generator rotor with an 11-stage axial flow transonic compressor and a two-stage, overhung compressor turbine. The SGT-400 free power turbine also has a robust two-stage, overhung design.

Enhancements to rotors and blades have extended the availability of the turbine, which permits output speeds up to 10,000 rpm (12,075 rpm for the 11 MW configuration). The rotors are contained in heavy-duty casings that are horizontally and vertically split, so maintenance can be carried out on-site as needed. The compressor uses variable guide vanes for robust operability and optimized performance across a range of operating conditions. High-chrome blades for high-corrosive environments are also an option.

The gas turbine is equipped with a DLE combustion system to achieve low NOx emissions with both gaseous and liquid fuels. The can-annular, single-stage combustor technology can burn a wide range of fuel types and quality – including liquid fuels or gas directly from wells. Advanced controls enable true dual-fuel capability, with seamless switching between fuel types without losing production.


Cut section of the SGT-400 core engine

SGT-400 core engine


SGT-400 packages

The compact SGT-400 gas turbine packages for both power generation and mechanical drive applications are designed to be easily transported, installed and maintained. They are equipped with factory-tested modules and offer a high power-to-weight ratio. The packages consist of the gas turbine, gearbox (if necessary), driven unit and all factory-tested fluid modules, mounted on an underbase.

The shop-tested and certified fluid system modules are common for all SGT-400 gas turbine packages and come fully wired into the control systems:

  • Auto drains module
  • Gas fuel module
  • Lube oil module
  • Liquid fuel module (optional)

SGT-400 power generation package

The SGT-400 package for power generation is suited for simple cycle, combined cycle and cogeneration. Its high steam-raising capability, compact arrangement, robustness and reliability, and ease of maintenance make it an ideal choice for many applications.

SGT-400 mechanical drive package

The mechanical drive package is very compact, providing a small footprint and a high power-to-weight ratio.

Suitable for offshore oil and gas applications

Its size and power make the SGT-400 an ideal offshore and onshore gas turbine. For example, it can be used for:

  • Power generation on offshore oil platforms and FPSO vessels
  • A drive solution for pumps, such as for water injection in oil production, in crude oil processing and for the transport of refinery products via pipelines
  • A drive solution for compressors for gas injection, to increase pressure in pipelines and in natural gas processing

SGT-400 gas turbine packages on FPSO vessel

Siemens Energy delivered two SGT-400 power generation units to power the water injection system on the FPSO vessel “Cidade de Itajai,” which operates at the Tiro and Sidon fields in the southern part of the Santos Basin off the coast of Brazil.

Comprehensive, local service for minimized downtimes

Our specialists provide local, on-site support and remote monitoring to optimize the turbine’s performance and keep lifecycle costs low. Our comprehensive portfolio of services include long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul service, field service, spare parts, service exchange, remote diagnostic service, and modernization and upgrades. Core engine maintenance can be performed on-site or off-site.

SGT-400 maintenance features:

  • Easy core engine exchange
  • Multiple borescope inspection ports to avoid unnecessary maintenance outages
  • Vertically and horizontally split intake casing
  • Horizontally split compressor casing
  • Combustion pressure casings split vertically for easy access to combustion hardware

Axial blade attachment

First-stage rotor blades can be axially removed for quick and easy on-site exchange, maximizing availability.

Easy combustor maintenance

Burner modules can be easily accessed for maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing availability.

Borescope ports

Multiple borescope holes allow visual inspection of the engine’s interior without disassembly. Borescope inspections prevent unnecessary outages.

Covering a wide Wobbe range

The SGT-400 is able to burn a wide range of gases, including gaseous fuels that aren’t pipeline quality, as well as distillate liquid fuels. It covers a Wobbe fuel range from approximately 50 MJ/m3 to 17.5 MJ/m3, which includes fuels available in LNG liquefaction plants, wellhead gas and minimally processed weak wellhead gas, coke oven gas, biogas from ethanol industry waste, or landfill gas, for example. The engine has a hydrogen (H2) capability of up to 10 vol% (with DLE burners), or up to 65% (with diffusion burners with unabated NOx emissions).

The SGT-400 offers true dual-fuel DLE capability, with automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load.

Robust combustion with high fuel flexibility

To provide high fuel flexibility, the SGT-400 uses a robust can-annular combustion system with six reverse-flow tubular chambers and a high energy igniter in each combustor.

Clean, flexible operation

The SGT-400’s DLE combustor burns a great variety of gaseous and liquid fuels and features clean combustion with low emissions.

Low emissions in a rugged industrial design

The field-proven, reliable DLE combustor offers clean combustion with low emissions over a wide operating range.

The SGT-400 uses six reverse-flow tubular combustion chambers around a high-pressure casing. Each burner contains its own ignition source and is capable of gas-only, liquid-only or dual-fuel operation. The fuel is controlled by both a pilot and main burner, with the control system ensuring smooth, automatic changeover across the power range.

With its DLE combustion system, the turbine complies with emission regulations even at lower operation loads down to 30%.

NOx emissions: ≤ 15 ppmvd (corrected to 15% O2 dry)

Clean combustion for strict emissions compliance

The SGT-400 DLE combustion system meets the most stringent NOx and CO emissions legislation.

Lean premix of air and fuel for NOx limitation

Since NOx emission increases exponentially with rising temperature, it is crucial to ensure that air and fuel are well mixed. The Siemens DLE combustion system uses a lean air-fuel premix with multiple fuel injection points to achieve low emissions over a wide load range.

Technical data

Performance data for simple cycle power generation

 11 MW version13 MW version15 MW version
Power output10.5 MW(e)12.9 MW(e)14.3 MW(e)
Fuel*Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuelNatural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuelNatural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Gross efficiency34.8%35,00 %35.6%
Heat rate10,168 kJ/kWh (9,638 Btu/kWh)10,294 kJ/kWh (9,756 Btu/kWh)10,103 kJ/kWh (9,572Btu/kWh)
Turbine speed11,500 rpm9,500 rpm9,500 rpm
Pressure ratio16.4 : 116.9 : 118.5 : 1
Exhaust mass flow34.2 kg/s (75.4 lb/s)40.0 kg/s (86.3 lb/s)44.5 kg/s (98.1 lb/s)
Exhaust temperature510 °C (950 °F)555 °C (1,019 °F)529 °C (984 °F)
NOx emissions**≤ 25 ppmvd≤ 15 ppmvd≤ 15 ppmvd
*Other fuels on request | **NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

Performance data for mechanical drive

 11 MW version13 MW version15 MW version
Power output10.9 MW13.4 MW14.9 MW
Fuel*Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuelNatural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuelNatural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel
Heat rate9,754 kJ/kWh (9,241 Btu/kWh)9,886 kJ/kWh (9,366 Btu/kWh)9,702 kJ/kWh (9,191 Btu/kWh)
Turbine speed5,750 - 11,500 – 12,075 rpm4,750 - 9,500 – 9,975 rpm4,750 - 9,500 – 9,975 rpm
Pressure ratio16.4 : 116.9 : 118.5 : 1
Exhaust mass flow34.3 kg/s (75.5 lb/s)39.1 kg/s (86.3 lb/s)44.5 kg/s (98.1 lb/s)
Exhaust temperature509 °C (949 °F)543 °C (1,019 °F)529 °C (984 °F)
NOx emissions**≤ 25 ppmvd≤ 15 ppmvd≤ 15 ppmvd
*Other fuels on request | **NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

Physical dimensions and weight

 Power generation packageMechanical drive packageMechanical drive package
 11 MW, 13 MW and 15 MW

13 and 15 MW

11 MW
Approx. weight11 MW, 13 MW and 15 MW40,000 kg (88,000 lb)30,409 kg (67,040 lb)
Length14.0 m (46 ft)7.3 m (24 ft)6.9 m (24 ft)
Width3.1 m (10 ft)3.1 m (10 ft)2.9 m (9.5 ft)
Height4.3 m (14 ft)4.3 m (14 ft)3.5 m (11.5 ft)
Dimensions exclude inlet filter housing and exhaust stack. For power generation, the AC generator is included. For mechanical drive, the driven equipment is excluded.

The SGT-400 is suitable for the following applications and industries:

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Experience the evolution of the SGT-400 in commercial operation worldwide

With more than 20 years of operating experience, the SGT-400 is proven in combined heat and power plant applications as well as offshore and onshore oil and gas applications. More than 390 units have been sold with more than 5.0 million hours of operating experience.

Midcoast Energy, CJ Express, Texas, USA (2020)

  • Customer: Midcoast Energy
  • Scope: 2 x SGT-400 mechanical drive pipeline compression packages with modular configuration and dry low emissions technology
  • Capable of producing a combined 39,000hp for an expansion at an existing compression station

Pharmaceutical industry, Fenice Scarlino, Italy (2013)

  • Customer: EDF Fenice/ Huntsman Tioxide Plant
  • Scope: 1 x SGT-400 gas turbine
  • "Island" mode available, feeds all power demand on the Scarlino facility with high efficiency

Cidade de Itajai, Brazil (2010)

  • Customer: Teekay Petrojarl Production AS
  • Scope:  Topside solutions including 2 x SGT-400 gas turbines, 3 x SGT-300 gas turbines, sulfate removal unit (SRU) and E-house 
  • Gas turbines providing 26 MW of power to the FPSO  (production capacity of 80,000 barrels/day of oil)

Riverbay Co-Op, New York, USA (2009)

  • Customer: Riverbay Corporation
  • Scope: 1 x SGT-400 gas turbine, 1 x SST-300 steam turbine, and SPPA-T3000 I&C system
  • Power output: up to 16 MW of electricity not used locally enter the New York power grid. Total heat capacity of the plant: 19 MW(th)

Municipal utilities, Erlangen, Germany (2005)

  • Customer: Erlanger Stadtwerke utilities
  • Scope: 1 x SGT-400 gas turbine and 1 x SST-300 steam turbine
  • Power output: 20 MW(th)
    Overall thermal efficiency: 87%


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