The next level of oil production

Digitalization for a global industry

Digitalization improves performance of field operations in oil and gas.

SIWELL Artificial Lift Suite from Siemens Energy offers next-generation well automation systems with artificial intelligence, smart devices, cloud computing, and IoT.

Siemens Energy is optimizing oil production by applying digital technologies

Digital technologies are helping almost every industry rewrite its operating landscape, and the oil and gas industry is about to catch up. Advancements in technology, the falling cost of digitalization, and the connectivity of smart devices provide a real competition-beating opportunity for oil and gas companies who play the digital revolution right. The potential benefits of going digital are increased productivity, shorter response and intervention times, cost savings, safer operations, and asset integrity as well as sustainable resource treatment.

The edge computing device, the Siemens Nanobox, performs real-time processing of the data and enables advanced features like video processing, soft sensing for the replacement of physical sensors, simulation of production facilities, and calculation of advanced KPIs. Performing these calculations at the pump enables independent operation of the well with a minimum of maintenance effort at the well site. Alarm functions with video integration are available and can be accessed via a fully interactive web portal. This innovation offers oil and gas operators a cost-efficient solution to automate and connect artificial lift systems to an integrated network with minimal effort, while providing a high level of automation. The plug-and-play concept in combination with centralized device management can be installed within hours, thus reducing downtimes for commissioning and enabling the centralized management and monitoring of thousands of wells.

Artificial intelligence in the cloud enables predictive maintenance and increases performance

The solution is tightly integrated with the Siemens MindSphere IoT platform, which connects real things to the digital world and enables powerful industry applications and digital services. It connects production facilities and applications for advanced analytics of multiple wells. Artificial intelligence can be applied to predict failures of the well days before they occur and increases the overall performance of oilfields by optimizing operational set points like pumping speed.

SIWELL Artificial Lift suite optimizes oil production and works with the utmost efficiency. By applying analytics directly in the field and artificial intelligence in the cloud, we enable autonomous operations of wells, inc

Dr. Helmut Schnabl, principal consultant for digital oil and gas at Siemens Energy

SIWELL Artificial Lift Suite

Optimizing production from mature oilfields

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