Energy service solutions

Energy service solutions

We support companies and countries to reduce emissions across the energy landscape – for a more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy system

Moving towards net zero with a holistic portfolio of energy services

To reach net zero we need to decarbonize energy. Yet while the goal is clear, the path forward is neither straight nor even. Countries have different starting points; energy demand continues to rise; affordability must be ensured; and various areas of the energy system need to evolve simultaneously.

Together with our customers, step by step, we can meet these challenges. Keeping the ultimate goal in mind, we can continuously improve energy systems with our new and established service offerings: be it energy system design studies to repurpose existing assets; modernizations and upgrades for better flexibility and efficiency; or grid stability services. By meeting our customers’ needs, we will steadily decarbonize energy, increase reliability, and ensure security of energy supply. 

Here, you’ll find links to our comprehensive selection of service solutions that enable our customers to meet the challenges of the energy transition.

Energy transition in action with energy service solutions

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