End-to-end Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

Advanced solutions for industrial applications

Accelerate your additive manufacturing journey with Siemens Energy expertise

Building on over a decade of experience as an advanced user of metal additive applications, Siemens Energy can also support our external customers with AM parts and solutions. Our expertise in design and simulation is grounded in the successful qualification and industrialization of functional additive components.  


  • Design experience in multiple industries enables us to develop optimized AM geometries for any challenges 
  • More than 15 years of experience in additive manufacturing
  • More than 100 design egineers with multiple years of experience in design for AM


  • Mastery of multiple simulation technologies combining performance-driven and manufacturing-driven simulation approaches
  • Access to all leading simulation software for optimal part performance results

Part and process qualification

  • Full qualification of materials, parts, and processes for end-use components
  • Proven specifications to fully qualify industrial-grade manufacturing and quality

Learning and education

  • Joint design workshops
  • Classroom training
  • Virtual training
  • Self-studies via training partnerships

Dual business model as user and provider of additive services

Customer's added value: Combined skills of leading AM design company and AM service provider

By combining our decades of expertise in designing high-performance gas turbine parts with our outstanding manufacturing experience with 3D printing in all high-tech industries, we're able to deliver unique solutions to our customers that couldn't be achieved using conventional methods. 

Siemens Energy

  • More than 10 years of AM design and simulation  experience 
  • 50+ qualified AM components for serial manufacturing
  • >1,500,000 operating hours of AM parts in our own gas turbine fleet
  • Extensive AM material database
  • Designs based on the highest standards for power generation and transmission and oil and gas

Materials Solutions

  • More than 15 years of experience with laser powder-bed fusion technology
  • Multiple years of experince with printing design optimization
  • State of the art fully automated AM factories with more than 30 metal LPBF printers
  • Serving multiple high-end industries including aerospace, racing, aviation, and energy
  • Experienced in prototyping, small-series, and high-volume 


Our highly experienced AM design engineers support you with designs for additive manufacturing, part performance optimization, and special applications for all industries and a variety of printing technologies. 

Part performance optimization

  • Optimize part characteristics like cooling, burst containment, weight, and cost while maintaining printability
  • Proven part performance based on simulation results or prototype testing

Functional integration

  • Optimized lead time, part performance, and assembly cost by combining multiple parts into one  
  • Full business case assessment to ensure cost-optimized solution for final application

Reverse engineering

  • Create 3D models by scanning parts or digitizing drawings
  • Optimize parts for performance and printability 
  • Define manufacturing setup to ensure future part availability

Heat-exchanger designs

  • Customized compact heat-exchanger design based on final performance and space requirements
  • Full performance and mechanical integrity simulation
  • Prototype printing and testing to validate simulation results


Let's get physical! We take the physics into the digital world and simulate the reality.


  • Finite element analysis 
  • Lifing: stress-based, vibration-based, crack growth-based
  • Material models: how to simulate material deformation and stress
  • Generative design: topology optimization


  • Simulation of very short duration events (<<1sec)
  • Rotor burst and containment of debris
  • Impact of automotive structures
  • Ballistic survivability

Fluid dynamics

  • CFD: computational fluid dynamic simulations to maximize performance
  • Expertise with a variety of simulation software 
  • Generative design: shape optimization

Print simulation

  • Predict distortion 
  • Pre-distort starting design based on simulation to predict high stress/cracking and potential recoater crash
  • Optimization of build-plate layout and support strategy


  • CHT: Conjugate heat transfer captures the heat in motion 
  • Expertise with a variety of simulation software 
  • Generative design: shape optimization


Qualifying the printing processes and parts and defining the quality assurance procedures are the final steps in industrial grade serial production. Make it happen with our help.

L-PBF process chain: each step qualified for serial production

Full end-to-end process definition, including design optimization, process qualification, post processing, and quality assurance – to get the highest-performing part at the lowest cost in serial manufacturing.

AM material data services

Siemens Energy produced a tremendous amout of material data over the last decades for conventional and AM materials that can be leveraged to reduce customer's development costs and accelerate AM programs.

We have an extended data set available for a variety of materials, including AM process parameters.
We can set up entire material programs to fully qualify materials and prepare external certifications for our customers.

Learning and education

We can support you create an enterprise training solution that's appropriate for your business. From engaging executive stakeholders to developing advanced design to build additive expertise - we have a full portfolio of courses and workshops to support your teams' learning and development needs.  

Training with your own components

  • Interactive workshops using customer parts 
  • Support by Siemens Energy experts with multiple years of AM expertise
  • Full knowledge transfer to educate our customers' engineers 
  • Fully tailored to our customers' needs 

Online classes via our partner network

AM part failure analysis: What went wrong?

You'll learn how to successfully:

  • Identify fast assessment strategies for print defects
  • Analyze use cases to minimize printing risks
  • Discuss efficient AM design methods to reduce iterations 
  • Think critically to perform root-cause analysis on a failed print

Who should attend?

  • Engineering teams at design and manufacturing firms as well as individuals
  • Early- to mid-career engineers, including design engineers, materials engineers, manufacturing engineers, and others with an interest in design for metal additive manufacturing

ASME Training Page

Classroom or virtual training

Training packages

  • 1-day executive training and overview of metal L-PBF
  • 4-day advanced L-PBF training
  • Fused deposition modeling for tooling and post-processing
  • Individual training programs developed to meet customer needs

Hands-on AM Bootcamp

  • Interactive workshops using customer’s parts
  • Practical exercise on the shopfloor 
  • Experience the full end-to-end process
  • Gain first experience in part and powder handling
  • Supported by Siemens Energy & Materials Solutions experts with multiple years of AM expertise