Ball Drone for Visual Inspection


Inspections on a regular basis are recommended to ensure long lifetime, reliability and safety of your plant. In order to determine and evaluate the condition of a steam turbine, it was necessary to go through some efforts before and while entering the plant. The balldrone is the perfect quick and easy solution for the visual inspection of your plant.


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The Visual Inspection via Balldrone

Inspection of the future today

The ball drone is a quadrocopter, equipped with the latest technology. With data recording cameras, collision prevention sensors and automated landing in case of loss of connection, the ball drone is the solution for a safe and detailed inspection in dangerous or inaccessible plants. By reason of the compact design (diameter < 40cm), the drone can inspect in confined spaces and explore areas that would not be accessible during a normal inspection.

Besides the fact, that no preperational work is needed to carry out the visual inspection, the confined spaces are accessible within a few minutes. With our technical trained experts, we ensure quick and safe operation, meeting EHS standards.

Together with us, be a pioneer on steam turbines.

Technical Details

  • Collision-resilient
  • Shockproof payload
  • Confined space accessibility
  • Robust wireless transmission

  • GPS-free stabilization
  • Distance lock
  • Full HD live streaming

  • Close up inspection
  • 4k Camera
  • Thermal Camera
  • 180° titable camera pod
  • 10k Lumen
  • Adjustable, dustproof, oblique lighting
  • Obstruction-free

  • Streamlined data management
  • 3D modeling
  • 2D measurement