Testing Services

With a high degree of expertise, decades of testing experience, and a powerful, wide-ranging testing portfolio, we ensure the product quality of power engineering equipment through type and development tests.

Testing Laboratory Berlin

As accredited testing laboratories, we have been testing electrotechnical components for Siemens and Siemens Energy and external customers for over 90 years. We guarantee the impartiality and independence of all the tests we conduct for high and medium voltage. With our high level of technical expertise, we additionally offer tests for areas such as wind power and aviation as well as plant engineering and machine building. Thanks to our wide-ranging test portfolio, we are able to test materials of all kinds.

Testing opportunities, accreditation and standards

Whether high-voltage, high-power or mechanics, every testing laboratory is accredited for the performance of internationally recognized type tests according to ISO/IEC 17025. We are a member of PEHLA (Gesellschaft für elektrische Hochleistungsprüfungen), which is associated with the international Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL).

Testing Laboratory Nuremberg

From general basic research with high-voltage tests of different voltage types via dielectric investigations to tests with test setups specifically designed for use in electrical components, the Electrical Research and Testing Laboratory Nuremberg enables a wide range of tests and analyses.

Testing Opportunities

Here you can find further information on our testing Opportunities.

Development and specification of test configurations for required special tests

  • Research of parameters of insulation design ​
  • Testing of combined insulation arrangements​
  • Verification & improvement of transformer design
  • Development of new testing and measurement technologies (e.g. PD measurement for transient voltages
  • Investigation & testing of Very Fast Transient-stresses (VFT) of insulation systems
  • High current investigations ​

  • Mineral oil; Alternative and biodegradable fluids on synthetic or natural basis​
  • Electrical strength of insulation fluids (MÖ / Ester)
  • Dielectric properties of insulation fluids (εr, Κ, tanδ)
  • Individual basic research investigations

Measurements of components or special, specified configurations by costumer

  • Development & implementation of tests arrangements​
  • Investigation and testing of customized insulation systems and setups
  • Investigation and testing of individual materials and arrangements
  • Type and routine testing of components
  • Testing, analyses and evaluation

Measurements acc. IEC, IEEE, ASTM, internal standards with existing, standardized arrangements

  • Quality check of solid insulation material acc. standards ​
  • Development of new materials​
  • Release and development of new supplier​
  • Electrical strength of solid insulation Materials (AC / DC / LI / SI)
  • Dielectric properties of solid insulation Materials (εr, Κ, tanδ)
  • Individual basic research investigations

Preparation and processing of material acc. IEC and internal standards and as required by customer

  • Vacuum drying and impregnation​
  • Oil handling & treatment for mineral oil and biodegradable fluids
  • Quality assurance tests (e.g. Moisture of fluids and solids acc. KFT)

Technical Details

  • 400 kV AC test system with 200 kVA (50 Hz) 1
  • 50 kV AC test system (50 Hz)
  • Impulse generator with 1,200 kV charging voltage for lightning (1.2/50 μs) and switching impulse voltages (250/2,500 μs)
  • Multiple chopping gap for chopped impulse voltages, e.g. for measurements according to IEC 60076-3
  • 400 kV DC test system, automatically pole-reversible (for measurements according to IEC 61378-2)
  • Screened high-voltage laboratory, background noise level < 1 pC
  • Crane capability 1 t
  • Air cushion system up to 7.5 t

  • Screened measuring cell, background noise level ≤ 1 pC
  • High-voltage module (AC 100 kV/DC 140 kV/LI 140 kV) PDC measurement system for conductivity investigations of individual materials or components
  • Precision high-voltage system device, 60 kV (electrically pole-reversible)
  • Fully air-conditioned measuring cell, temperature range –40 °C to +180 °C, ambient humidity 10% to 98% rH
  • Measuring cell to determine dielectric parameters of solid and liquid insulation materials (tan δ, capacity, dielectric constant)

  • Oil preparation unit (300–700 l/h), which can also be used for other liquids
  • Vacuum drying cabinets Special vacuum impregnation chambers
  • Determination of the water content of liquid and solid insulation materials (Karl Fischer titrator)
  • Determination of oil puncture voltage according to IEC 60156
  • Workplace for hazardous materials
  • Workshop for test piece preparation and modification of test designs

Excerpt of standards

Electric breakdown strength of insulation materials (AC Voltage)            IEC 60243-1
Electric breakdown strength of insulation materials (DC Voltage)IEC 60243-2
Measurements of the specific resistanceIEC 60093
Dielectric properties of solid and insulation fluidsIEC 60247
Electric breakdown voltage of insulation fluidsIEC 60156
Water content of solid and insulation fluidsIEC 60814
Multiple chopping gap for chopped impulse voltagesIEC 60076-3
Dissolved Gas AnalysisIEC 60567
Analysis of key parametersIEC 60422
Analysis of FuraneIEC 61198
Investigation on PCB contentEN 12766-2

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