Continuous Performance Optimization (CPO)

Unlock the full capability of your power plant

CPO managed service focuses on the thermal performance of a power plant.

The service is based on the comparison of a plant’s observed data to an ideal state of the power plant represented by the thermal digital twin.

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Continuous performance optimization (CPO) in a nutshell

Continuous performance optimization delivers results:

*Based on actual case study; individual results may vary

Continuous performance optimization enables you to:

Reduce power production costs

Increase power production for additional revenue per year

Leverage full Siemens Energy consulting and implementation services

How does it work?


Your plan

t data is pulled to a cloud where it gets sorted, checked for errors and run through the Siemens Energy proprietary rule base.

The data is used to calculate the performance indicators and compare them to the ideal state calculated by the digital thermal twin.As the data goes through the process stages, at all points there are alerts that notify the Siemens Energy engineers about anomalies or large deviations from previous state, or thermal twin results. Anomaly alerts trigger a Siemens Energy engineer to analyze the plant data and advise on recommended actions for performance recovery.

Through the CPO application, you can view and sort the plant’s operation parameters in an user-friendly interface.

If you, as the operator, notice a particular performance deviation, you can reach out the Siemens Energy experts directly via the application.


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