Exchange engine for industrial gas turbine applications

Siemens can offer either a service exchange or lease of major assemblies and full core engine units, dependent upon suitability and availability.

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Service Exchange

While your gas turbine is undergoing maintenance, Siemens can relieve the pressure of production schedules and minimize on-site disruption by providing you with a factory built service exchange core or major sub-assembly.

The benefits of Service Exchange

Guaranteed genuine Siemens parts used for turbine build.

Minimum disruption to your business.

Option of new, repaired or refurbished components available for turbine build.

Reduced risk of obsolescence of spare parts.

All parts and services backed by Siemens warranties.

Access to and application of the latest technologies and product developments.

Global network of Siemens approved support centers.

Lease Engines

If your preference is to have your engine overhauled, rather than Service Exchanged, Siemens can supply a lease unit engine to reduce disruption and maintain continuity of operation.

Short Term Availability

of major assemblies during scheduled overhauls which allow customers to utilize the full potential of their facility whilst their own turbine or assembly is away being overhauled.

Lease Equipment for Unscheduled Overhauls

by offering major engine assemblies, gas generators and power turbines during unscheduled outage.

Maintenance Programs

with access to lease equipment, as standard, for preventative and corrective maintenance programs to reduce any unscheduled downtime. Those customers accessing the lease engine pool through a maintenance program also benefit from reduced lease fees.

The benefits of Lease Engines

Increased uptime during overhaul periods by scheduling a lease turbine or assembly.

Reduced impact of unscheduled maintenance.

Availability of complete packages for short/ long term leasing where extra capacity is required.

Flexible response to short term increased power demands.

Access to lease equipment through maintenance contracts.

Lease equipment for unscheduled overhauls.

No major capital outlay.

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