Maintenance & Overhaul for Industrial Steam Turbines

Inspection & overhaul scope


Monitoring and re-adjustment of   all functions of the monitoring,   safety and protection equipment. Opening of the turbine housing not necessary. 


Minor Overhaul

In addition to the inspection‘s scope   of work, during the minor overhaul   further testings but also necessary   replacements are executed. Opening of the turbine housing not necessary. 

Major Overhaul

Additional to the scope of inspection   and minor overhaul, during the   major overhaul the turbine is   examined in dismantled condition. Opening of the turbine housing necessary.


Approximately 18 months in advance, a meeting with a Siemens Energy service engineer is necessary to clarify the following scope of work under consideration of plant observations, operating behaviour and EOH:

  • Nature and extend of the overhaul
  • Available and required spare parts
  • Opportunities of upgrading
  • Time schedule and resources


By utilization of an optimized maintenance strategy the following benefits can be ensured:

  • Reduction of failure downtime
  • Prevention of forced outages
  • Optimization of operating costs
  • Extension of equipment failure
  • Enhanced availability and reliability
  • Highes profitability

Maintenance Services Solutions