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Digital Transformation of Operations & Maintenance, backed by Siemens Energy ’s domain expertise

Omnivise Asset Management is a modern software suite combining deep domain know-how, latest technologies and methods, and modern software design. Its four modular applications cover all power generation core processes and domains, supporting both local and remote teams. Built on a single platform, so users can draw on the same data and insights. Seamless workflows between applications enable cross-role collaboration, while supporting broader use cases, such as Remote Operator Rounds & Inspections, Asset Performance Management, Full Plant Monitoring, or Remote Operations up to  Autonomous Plant. 

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Fleet efficiency


Up to


asset availability*


Early fault detection

by your expert teams

  • Increased availability using real-time insights on asset condition
  • Increased reliability by making risks transparent
  • Saved OPEX through targeted and predictive maintenance
  • Increased efficiency through guided case resolution
Fleet efficiency


Up to



unplanned outages* Border

From fire-fighting to

predictive maintenance

  • Increased availability by using Reliability Centered Maintenance principles
  • Saved OPEX compared with traditionally managed maintenance programs
  • Easy reference on Failure Mode and Effects for better decision-making
  • Real-time communication with other specialties
Fleet efficiency


Up to


reduction in

man hours*



digital, end-to-end workflow

  • Increased efficiency through digital task management and handovers
  • Increased safety and reduced nonconformance through structured workflows
  • Increased transparency, ensures information integrity
  • Saved OPEX by making better use of skilled personnel
Fleet efficiency


Up to



equipment reliability*


Improved performance

of maintenance teams

  • Saved OPEX delivered through precisely planned maintenance activities
  • Increased reliability by building on Reliability Centered Maintenance principles
  • Increased efficiency through optimization and standardization of processes
  • Increased transparency thanks to real-time work requests and work order updates

*Based on specific assumptions, individual results may vary

Omnivise Asset Management Applications & Use Cases Overview

Digital Journey with different entry points

Omnivise Asset Management offers you a wide range of different entry points, depending on which state of your digital journey you have reached.

Learn more about the capabilities of Reliability

Omnivise Reliability

Omnivise Reliability helps you switch your maintenance approach from fire-fighting to predictive maintenance.

  • Unplanned outages reduced by up to 25%*
  • Increased asset availability by up to 98%*
  • Reduced maintenance costs by up to 10%*
  • Higher effectiveness through access to Siemens Energy Failure Mode and Effect Analysis derived Asset Template Library
  • Increased transparency enables real-time communication with other specialities

* Siemens Energy calculation based on actual case study; individual results may vary

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User-friendly solution, enabling condition-based maintenance programs

How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Provides codified knowledge via comprehensive content libraries, including Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, recommended tasks for all major equipment and predefined indications for continuous condition monitoring. Use of the support button gives fast, direct access to the Siemens Energy expert network for know-how, experience and consulting help.

The solution gives your experts immediate access to a comprehensive modular toolset for all aspects of Reliability Centered Maintenance, including both strategic and operational procedures.

The application is specifically designed to support Reliability Engineers in strategic program development and daily procedures, and includes analytics capabilities and guided RCM facilitation. Stakeholders, such as Operators or Maintenance Engineers can exchange information through pre-defined workflows, including requests for investigation or for further information.

Omnivise Reliability forms an essential element of an holistic, yet modular Asset Performance Management solution, interfacing with Omnivise Diagnostics and Maintenance or 3rd party tools.

Our Dashboards - A modern and intuitive user interface

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Omnivise Reliability Screen 2

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Learn more about the capabilities of Diagnostics

Omnivise Diagnostics 

Omnivise Asset Management Diagnostics

Omnivise Diagnostics transforms data into insights, unlocking its hidden value and enabling early fault detection by your expert teams.

  •     Up to 98%* asset availability
  •     Findings more than 80% accurate*
  •     Failures detected up to 6 months early, 9 days early on average*
  •     Lower OPEX through targeted, predictive maintenance
  •     Increased efficiency through an asset-centric view and guided case resolution

* Based on actual case study; individual results may vary.

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Reliable synchronized information and guided case resolution

How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Integrated asset view aggregates all information from every relevant monitoring function: process data from DCS, manual readings and vibration data, with advanced pattern recognition, image recognition and other forms of machine learning. It delivers a single, integrated and synchronized view of the assets and avoids multiple tool-specific views. 

Gives diagnosticians end-to-end digital workflow support, from collection to action, including efficient collaboration across roles with guided handover-workflows, such as from Diagnostics to Maintenance. Provides experts with guided case resolution, delivering all information needed to conclude cases fast and effectively, including Assigned Failure Modes and Effects (FMEA), criticality, asset history, and other factors.

Provides codified knowledge via comprehensive asset templates (incl. FMEA and indicators). Use of the support button gives fast, direct access to the Siemens Energy expert network for know-how, experience and consulting help.

Our Dashboards - A modern and intuitive user interface

Omnivise Diagnostics Screen 1

Omnivise Diagnostics Screen 2

Omnivise Diagnostics Screen 3

Learn more about the capabilities of Maintenance

Omnivise Maintenance

Omnivise Asset Management Maintenance

Omnivise Maintenance improves the performance of maintenance teams through comprehensive planning, execution, tracking and documentation of their activities.

  •     Equipment reliability up to 47%* better
  •     Equipment downtime up to 15%* lower 
  •     Maintenance productivity up to 25%* higher
  •     Enhanced safety through work permit and approval procedures
  •     Increased transparency through real-time work request and work order updates

* Based on actual case study; individual results may vary.

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Integrated, flexible solution that enables Reliability Centered Maintenance

How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Provides different entry points for different roles and responsibilities, and supports the complete workflows from work request to work documentation, for both remote and local teams. Integrated handshakes between Reliability, Diagnostics, Operations and Maintenance improves insight and collaboration.

Access to all information relevant to maintenance, such as incoming work requests. Makes In-spection Round data available in real time, providing real-time access to maintenance information, enabling more effective communication.

Supports all maintenance strategies defined in RCM, using an approach that includes Failure Mode and Effect Analysis derived indicators to trigger work orders in line with RCM.

Use of data and methods that convert data into actionable insights, such as automatically generated work requests and work orders. Exploiting new technology options such as cameras and robots.

Our Dashboards - A modern and intuitive user interface

OmniviseMaintenance Screen 1

Omnivise Maintenance Screen 2

Learn more about the capabilities of Operations

Omnivise Operations

Omnivise Asset Management Operations

Omnivise Operations offers a fully digital, end-to-end workflow that helps your employees systematically plan, execute, and document activities.

  •     Up to 10% reduction in man hours *
  •     Up to 25% reduces operational manpower costs *
  •     Up to 15% less unplanned outages *
  •     Increased Safety and reduced nonconfomance through structres workflows
  •     Increased Transparency ensures information integrity, standardization of data across the fleet

* Calculations are based on specific assumptions, individual results may vary.

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Integrated, modular, flexible solution for improved Operations performance

How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Developed for the daily workflow of Inside and Outside Operators, with specific functions to enable fast overview and insight for C-level personnel. Incudes bi-directional interfaces with full transparency and efficient cross-role collaboration, providing the information needed for full alignment and integration between Reliability, Diagnostics and Maintenance.

Real time system updates and accessibility to Operations infor-mation, enabling operations teams to have current information, with fully Paperless Operations Management. Operator Inspec-tion Data is captured and consumed in the system as additional digital input signals, allowing the system to make use of the inspection data being collected.

Includes such functions as automatic population of shift event logs and tasks, following designs developed for Remote Opera-tions and Autonomous Plant. Emerging technologies for tasks like Operator Rounds (e. g. cameras, acoustic) to complement human senses with machine capabilities.

Our Dashboards - A modern and intuitive user interface

Omnivise Operations Screen 1

How successful Omnivise Asset Management looks in practice